Monday, March 6, 2017

My birthday 2017

SE planned it all...  "For Mummy's birthday, I will wear my pony dress.  Then we will go to Ah Mah Ah Kong's house and I will take Mummy's birthday card.  Then we go to THE SHIP."

Haha I don't even get to choose the venue of my own birthday dinner!

Luckily her plans were laid out early... managed to convince her to bring home the birthday card (that she made) a day earlier.  Ah Mah Ah Kong's house is about 40mins away from ours!  And although I hadn't thought about it, I'd probably also have chosen to celebrate at The Ship.

Happy birthday to Mummy!

Ready to eat

I have corn. You want corn?

And my two girls with the birthday cards they made:

We made these for Mummy!

Aww.  :)

On a side note, I think SE's depiction of our whole family is a first.  I don't recall JE having drawn a 'family portrait' before.


  1. Blessed Birthday to you, Stacy! You are so blessed! Even as a young child, SE planned to celebrate your birthday for you. Very pretty birthday card made by your girls. You are one happy mom!

    1. TQ! I thought she was just being bossy haha.

  2. Happy Birthday Stacy! Lucky kid, get to go where she wants regardless of whose's birthday. SE's drawing is nice and both have nice handwriting.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to you! Both your girls are so sweet to draw the cards for you and they can draw very well too.

  4. Magictree, SE can't write yet actually. Dunno who wrote that for her.

    Mun, TQ!

  5. Aww so sweet! Happy belated birthday!!