Thursday, March 30, 2017

Water babies

The kids love water.  We went to a friend's condo recently, and planned a pool visit.

Our maid Jane packed SE's swim pants but not the shirt.... resulting in a bawling session from poor SE haha.

Eventually she was persuaded to wear her T-shirt together with the swim pants.  She perked up after a short while playing.

This is relaxing!



This is so fun!

Simple joys.


  1. Kids normally love playing with water but when come to proper swimming lessons, some will lose their enthusiasm!!!!

  2. can both of them swim? or just float?

  3. Your girls love water but there are kids who are afraid of going into the pool.

  4. Magictree, I can imagine! Thinking of sending both together so delaying swim lessons for JE.

    Mun, both of them can't do anything except play haha.

    Nancy, SE doesn't like swim class at school.. she says the pool is too deep. Guess she enjoys these baby pools that we go since they're very shallow.

  5. hehe I like the pic where are they both relaxing on their backs.. Lil Pumpkin doesn't go for swim classes anymore but I'm glad she still loves to play in water, and is also water-safe :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka