Monday, March 13, 2017

SE's sports day... and a scare

SE had her sports day yesterday.  I bet it was more tiring for the teachers to coax each child through the races than for the children!  Anyway, all in good fun.

The theme for SE's event was Finding Nemo.  Kids had to run to the hoop, don the Dory hat and pick up the fishing rod placed in the hoop.  Then run to the aquarium to catch one fish.  Then step on 4 'rocks' to reach the main aquarium and shake the caught fish off.  Then run back, depositing the hat and rod back in the hoop on the way, to tag the next participant.  Sounds rather more interesting than it was to watch haha.  (Next year I shall sit at the side to get a better view of the races!)

I have finished my turn actually

All done already

With my big gold medal!

I didn't hang around to take pictures after.  For one thing, I didn't think of that (being a newbie at this sports day business).  For another, we had a lunch appointment to make.

Now came the big scare.  At the restaurant, SE was playing with a tooth pick and pricked herself. There was a bead of blood on her finger and she asked for a plaster.  While the maid was looking into her bag for a clean tissue and I was checking out the menu, suddenly SE was lying down across her chair, head towards me.  We both at first assumed she was reaching out for me.  Then I saw her face... it was expressionless.  Her lips were pale, her arms were stiffened.  Maid said she was having a seizure.  Hubby held her, she was a bit sweaty.  Eventually she cried a bit, and chose Coke when I asked her whether she wanted Coke or 100plus.  She was fine after having a few tiny bites of bread and the Coke.  Oh no, what happened to this little girl?  She was back to her playful and cheeky self after eating.  We walked around the mall and went to the Secret Garden before heading home.

I'm walking, walking away!

I'm worried now.  Thinking whether it could have been the toothpick, whether she was hungry (she did have breakfast), whether she was tired (she didn't exert herself any more than usual), whether there is a serious underlying problem. 

She drew this picture of her ordeal.  And explained the line on the left.  This is NOT an 'i', it's a TOOTHPICK.  Then the arrow.  The middle one is Su Ern.  And on the right is Mummy going "Oh-oh".  

Poor Su Ern

I am praying that this is just an isolated incident.


  1. what a fright! when you saw her face, was she conscious? was it a seizure? hopefully it won't happen again. maybe she was too tired after sports day.

  2. Aiyo...SE, you really gave everyone a heart attack! Glad she is ok.

  3. It could be the sight of her own blood plus tiredness. As a child, I once cut my finger and blood was dripping. When I saw the blood, I fainted and scared everyone around me....

  4. Mun, guess she wasn't really conscious. Her body was tense so maybe my maid is right in that it's a seizure.

    Magictree, I hope she really is ok. Still worried.

    Nancy, I'd rather it be a faint than a seizure. Fainting seems more normal. :(

  5. Oh no!! So sudden! Did you check with any doctors on this?

  6. Ai, just checked. Doc basically says it's hard to tell without further tests. She thought of two possibilities, both also terrifying. :( Praying it's not these or anything serious.

    1. what is your next action? did the doctor recommend sending SE for tests?

    2. She didn't recommend for tests. Just monitor and if either symptom happens again then see how.