Friday, March 10, 2017

Porky Valentines

We normally don't bother with Valentine's day.  We're both fussy about stuff, so the only way to ensure gifts would be appreciated would be to bring the beneficiary along.  Err after all that, might as well we buy our own stuff!  We like food but aren't keen on crowds.

The day after Valentine's this year, I just had to mention (maybe with a teensy accusatory tone) to hubby in the morning "Valentine's Day over already".  Despite being groggy from jusstt having woken up, hubby made a quick comeback, "We're eating out this weekend only right?".  Hehehe.

So that's how we ended up at Ticklish!  It's another place I've been wanting to check it out.

Happy Valentine's Day! Or whatever, really.

Food was all right.  The meat sauce on the pasta and sloppy joes were a tad too sweet.  The ribs were enjoyable but serving size was small.  The server said 6 ribs were more than enough for two... I could happily have eaten all 6 by myself!  While I wouldn't mind a repeat visit, I wouldn't bother to make a special trip to this place.

Pasta galore

The piggy-themed shop deco was fun to explore.  We obviously couldn't be disturbing other diners for closer looks or photos though.

Red Piggy!

More piggies

Piggies in a balloon! Oh, we also have balloons.


  1. yes i find the sauce a bit too sweet too but the ribs i find to be very meaty so is worth the price.

  2. I like the piggies on the wall. I like your lovely family photos and of your 2 girls with their sweet poses.

  3. Mun, the ribs would be what I would return for. The meat sauces seem to be from the same basic recipe... too sweet.

    Nancy, thanks!

    Irvine, we like food! Erm the adults do anyway. These kids don't seem to like food much.

  4. Your girls are getting sweeter as they grow older. Go...have a dozen more!

  5. Magictree, thanks. Haha next time I'll have more for myself! But not so soon... this was at Midvalley where I don't like the crowd, and there are other things to eat.

    1. What I meant was, have a dozen more of SEs and JEs..they are sooo...sweet.

    2. i thought you meant that too so i was surprised when stacy thought you meant the ribs! lol!

    3. Hahaha... pengsan if have a dozen JEs and SEs! Production closed already.