Monday, March 27, 2017

Penang Interactive Museum

Putting this in a separate post to accommodate the many pictures.  This place was pretty good!

We're making clogs! You want?

I have a big gold ingot. Want share?

There are photos at the side of each piece of "art" to show how to pose.  Like the one below, you lie down on the floor and the resulting photo is to be turned upside down.

I'm on the pole!

It would really help if people are sporting, can pose well and IN A GOOD MOOD.  Haha I had major problems with the last point!  SE spied something she wanted to check out on the way in.  This something was however the last point on the route (it's not a complex one, but guess they have to keep visitors flowing in the same direction).  That's what we kept telling her.  And this girl kept wanting to go there anyway.  Kept walking off by herself.  And hubby decided to follow her around instead of bringing her back to the fold and also NOT taking photos of her (grrrrr also!).

And that's why I don't have many pictures of SE.

Mummy told me to catch butterfly

Some of the art are 3-D, some are 2-D.  One small problem is that props here are adult height.  Had to carry the kiddos up.

Slurp pasta with this dog

Fine, I'll eat an egg. But only ONE egg.


Just catching mice!

JE started off in a good mood.

Want some teh tarik? I'm making some

I'm Thumbelina!

She deteriorated to bawling stage at some point haha.  Also fought with the little sister.  

Mummy said eat just one prawn. We don't like prawns.

Had to use powers of persuasion to coax out some decent photos.

Oohh these naughty boys!!

Hang on Su Ern! I'll save you!

Hang on, almost there! Err who's that at the top?

There was a pushing match at this one as JE didn't want SE to be there...

JE: Go away Su Ern
SE: Jo Ern is naughty

Phew almost the end, *I* am tired!

One more pose and we're done


  1. interesting place. looks like your girls are enjoying the visit.

  2. 3D Art for the sporting and fun loving. Lots of lovely pictures above and see that at the end (last pic) SE looks very worn out!

    Like the Spiderman and naughty boys....great facial expression.

  3. i like the one with the spiderman. both SE and JE were hanging on and waiting for spiderman to rescue them. posed really well. not many photos of mommy posing?

  4. Mommy did a great job coaxing the girls for the photos. I like your girls' expression and they are photogenic. Great photos.

  5. Agnes, I had laughter all the way down to crying from the kids haha.

    Magictree, SE was being difficult most of the time sigh.

    Mun, mummy too tired dealing with 2 cranky kids and 1 cranky big kid! Posed for a few only lah.

    Nancy, thanks!

  6. Nice photos! Good that there's instructions on how to pose... I looked at some of these 3d art b4 and had to scratch my head a bit. haha.

  7. Y, even with instructions, still had to think how it would work for a few!