Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Candy stories

So we bought a small bag of mixed candy. This is a really small bag coz I was the one with the shovel! I picked just 1 or 2 of each tiny sweet in different shapes and colours and the whole bag came up to less than 100g.

Nope, not these huge lollies! Mine were tiny

Now these stories happened on different days over a period of a few weeks. The girls were only allowed a few each time so this bag of candy chalked up really good mileage!

Story 1 - few days after candy was 'officially' opened
Walked down with SE in the morning after she woke up.

SE: Mummy
Me: Yes?
SE: (out of the blue) I dowan to eat too much sweet candy
Me: Good girl. Candy cannot eat too much
SE: I want to eat ONE only

Good way to introduce the topic, eh?

Story 2 - another day
After choosing one candy and eating it.  She was holding a purple bear.
SE: I chooh (choose) already. But my purple bear not yet chooh.  Purple bear want chooh.

Yep, purple bear tactic got her a few more pieces!

Candy candy everywhere

Story 3 - a week (?) later
After agreeing to take only one piece of candy and taking long time to choose. Eat already, then suddenly address the air in front of her:
SE:  Eh? Why I chooh PINK colour? Pink ih not my favourite colour. My favourite colour ih GREEN. I chooh another green one ok?

Tactic got her a few more pieces.

Story 4 - < 10 pieces left
SE agreed to take only one piece and kakak went off to bathe JE. When she came back, there was only one piece left
Kakak: Why you take all the candy? You are supposed to take only one?
SE: I did not take all the candy. See? Got one more. Thih one will stay here FOREVER.

In 2 minutes she gobbled up that last piece too.

End of candy stories.


  1. Hi Stacy, JE is real cute but she is very smart. Your story makes me laugh.

  2. SE is so smart, she managed to get more candies from mommy. How about JE? Does JE like to eat candies too?

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  4. Nancy, these are all SE actually haha. JE didn't come up with any 'back door' tactics.

    Mun, JE is more straightforward. Tell her she can pick 3 and she takes 3. Maybe nego for 1 or two more, that's it.

  5. Those are really smart tactics! Esp # 2 and 3. hehe...gonna be tough handling this one!