Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fierce face

SE has this 'fierce face' that I'd been trying to catch on camera.  Those pics on this post are the best I could get.  Basically one eye goes smaller and the other is arched and thus goes bigger.  She uses this face in her 'fierce mode'.  It looks like this:

Hey you! Grrrrr.

Example usage of fierce face... One afternoon, the maid left the room while SE was having her nap. SE woke up, walked down the stairs and confronted the kakak:

SE: *fierce face* Why you leave little girl alone up-tair (upstairs)??
Kakak:  ..... *speechless


At nights again wanting me to wait for her while she brushes her teeth with kakak,  I prefer going off to brush teeth with JE instead. So I get confronted by this fierce face:

SE: *fierce face* Mummy, why you don't want to wait for me?
Me: (Inspired reply, or so I thought) I wait for you here
SE: No! You not waiting for me. You juh bruh  (just brush) YOUR teeth

Hehe no escaping her wrath!

Don't play-play. I very fierce one

SE: Mummy, give your water
Me: No, this is mine
SE:  *fierce face* Give me your water, I say!

(Of course she wasn't getting it like that!)


  1. Ha ha Stacy, I am sure sometimes you get caught off-guard and speechless with her "fierce look & rebuke" me, Stacy, were you like SE when you were small? Nowadays young children are so good with their words.

  2. fierce. Ah ee also scared!

  3. The face in the first photo is fierce but the way she talks is fierce too. You have a tiger here!

  4. Nancy, I was a docile kid actually. Hubby as well (from what he tells me anyway) so I don't know where she gets the fierceness from!

    Y, hehe.

    Mun, yeah I'm so getting a headache with this one when she's older!