Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mall activity

1u had some kiddy activities last weekend. The queues weren't long, so the girls had a go.

Almost our turn already!

Woo hoo! A nice big car for me

Aiks this Su Ern also want to come. OK nvm

Ended up JE couldn't press the pedal and steer at the same time.  This poor guy had to help 'drive' the whole way.  Their car was zig-zagging all over and I think the wheels went over his feet many times!

Help, uncle!

 Better they take the train instead.

Ahhh... this is much better!

Photos were taken with my phone.  Actually my main objective for going to 1u was to fix the old camera or if that proved too pricey, to buy new one.  Ended up yes, the old camera wouldn't be worth fixing.  But the new model in that series wouldn't be in till next month.  And the existing model was out of stock.  Sigh, have to depend on my phone for a while.


  1. JE & SE both enjoying their ride..they both looked happy on the train ride.

  2. Poor guy but at least both the girls enjoyed their ride in the big car.

  3. hahaha...syok playing at the mall

  4. Nancy, kids seem to like these things!

    Mun, I don't want to be that guy haha.

    SK, free one too!