Friday, March 13, 2015

Simple joys

What she did was wash her hands at one sink. Then at the next one.  Then at the next one.  ALL the way to the end.   Haha the simple joys of childhood!


We seldom go to Midvalley as it always seems to be full of people. This time was for a CNY gathering with hubby's side of the family.

Gong xi gong xi!

Doing the 'moustache'.


Some more pics with these cheongsams before they are packed them up for good - the girls won't be fitting into them next year!  The only other occasion they wore these was at 1U...

Jo-jo come! This is fun!

Heheheeee...*Shake shake shake

Turn! *Shake shake shake

SE: Told you, so fun!
JE: Hmm it's okay

Another instance of the simple joys in life.  :)


  1. the gingham cheongsam still looks pretty big.. next year should be ok? Let them wear more often outside of CNY!! :P

  2. It is fun to watch the little ones enjoying themselves in simple things. No worries like the adults. Did your mom sew these pretty cheongsam?

  3. I think I recognise the washbasins in the Gardens - did you use the premier toilets? Don't you wish you were that young to enjoy washing hands at every basin? If we do that now, people would send us to Tanjung Rambutan for being childish.

    Both of them look so sweet in their cheongsum. did you ask them to pose nicely for you to capture this memory?

    The shake shake shake thing, the salesperson did not pester you to buy one home since your daughters love them so much. You could stand on it to shake too - should be fun!

  4. we seldom go Mv too coz of the crowds. even week days also crowded.

  5. Ai, that cheongsam is a non-stretchable fabric so maybe cannot? Haha actually I hope JE grows enough NOT to fit next year!

    Nancy, no bought these. :)

    Mun, normal toilet hehe. Well I never thought of washing my hands at every basin! Yep will get carted off to Tg Rambutan for sure!

    As for posing, I just take lots of photos. Luckily the salesperson for the shake shake thing didn't bother to pester me haha.

    SK, yeah I only go for specific purpose now. Find that can't shop properly with the crowds.