Thursday, March 5, 2015

Client family day

CNY's officially over.  A few years ago we had more activities - makan sessions with hubby's relatives and friends.  That was when it was only the 2 of us and then with JE.  Now that we are a total of 5 (with SE and maid) it's hard to join a session without prior arrangement.  If it's held in a restaurant, 5 of us would occupy half a table already!

One afternoon while hubby had yet another CNY thingy, I drove the 1 hour plus (yep, doing this every workday!) to a family day at my current client. It was too crowded and there was a long queue for practically everything.  But at least it was an activity out and the kids enjoyed themselves.


Real horsey!

Real horsey for me too

Been wanting to do sand art for long time already


  1. I am sure JE & SE enjoyed the outing especially the merry-go-round and some more riding a real horse.

  2. Can see JE and SE really enjoyed themselves with the merry go round horse and real horse. So much fun!

  3. wahhh a real horse! the kids must have been over the moon :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. I heard about horsey ride near your place but never been there yet. have been to taman tasik titiwangsa horsey ride. It was only Rm1.50

  5. Nancy, Mun and Ai, yeah they enjoyed the horses! I didn't dare hype up the pony ride actually, in case it was closed or the queue was too long or something. But that was my main target. :)

    SK, eh got ah. RM1.50 is a good price.