Friday, March 20, 2015

Face painting

Went to the Spotlight opening recently.  I only wanted to look-see since was scared off by the long queue (only realised upon leaving that they opened many cashiers and queue moved very fast).

JE got to try face painting...

*paint paint paint

Ta-dahhh!  Nice or not my butterfly?

Chose a bumblebee for SE. But she balked  after the paint touched her face.  Said "dowan fayh (face) yucky".  Ok lor, what to do.

Soon after that my camera conked out.  Aiks I've developed the habit of taking a camera everywhere.  I often forget to take it out, but at least it's there if I remember!  Gotta get it fixed or buy a new one this weekend.


  1. JE, that's a pretty butterfly on your cheek. You are so patient waiting for the painting to finish.

  2. New toy . Eh this weekend paradigm mall have things to play la. Can bring them there.

  3. I was there for the opening too. Heard the live band. SE is so cute, can described it as yucky! JE is so pleased with the pretty butterfly on her face. Did she want to keep it and not wash her face?

  4. U went to the opening!! I heard about the opening months ago and kinda planned to be there bright and early. Didn't realise it clashed with my holiday.

  5. SK, I wanted to go Paradigm after reading your post. But had to go 1u coz the camera shop was there. End up camera out of stock. But got things to play in 1u so ok la. :)

    Mun, yep JE wanted to keep the butterfly all right!

    Y haha I remember you wanted to go. If I hadn't been frightened off by the queue, I'd have looked more closely at stuff. As it was just look see only.

  6. that's very pretty.. most of the time I just use my iPhone now hehe. Leychey to transfer the photos here and there! :P