Monday, January 30, 2017

CNY 2017

Happy Rooster year to all!

Gong Xi Gong Xi!

This CNY found me quite unprepared.  Firstly it came early... seemed like Christmas/New Year was just over!  I'd also been stressed out over the kids starting school.  I made peanut cookies, spring-roll crackers, seaweed crackers and sesame cookies (not disastrous but not that nice).

Luckily for CNY eve dinner, hubby got the 'poon choy/treasure pot' package from Canton-i.  We loved it!  The treasure pot tasted good and had decent ingredients.  The set also came with yee sang, waxed-meat rice and a 'tong sui' sweet dessert.  All I had to cook was my usual signature pork (3kg this year), smoked chicken, a broccoli/carrot dish for the greens and rice.  I rather think we should do it this way next time too.  I'm not a great cook and this is kinder to my dinner guests hehe.

Treasure pot, smoked chicken, yee sang, waxed meat rice

Err somehow can't find any pictures of people for the night.

For CNY day 1, went to the Secret Garden as usual.  I'm quite pleased with the photos as all I request is ONE nice one. :)

Hello from the Secret Garden!

Another pic...

That night had dinner guests again.  This time hubby said he will handle everything haha.  So together with the relatives on his side and our maid, they came up with abalone/mushroom/fatt choy, stir-fried greens, roast pork, steamed fish, salted chicken (from Ipoh) and leftover treasure pot.  Not a bad spread actually!

The food

This time found a picture of the people...

The people


  1. Your reunion dinner looks very good! Not so taxing if we get to order some dishes and we prepare some at home. I almost order a poon choy pot but was told it was not worth the money so I gave up the idea. I like your family photo from the Secret Garden. Everyone is smiling so sweetly. And also the happy bigger family photo in the last one. Gong xi gong xi to you and family!

  2. Nice family picture especially the 2nd one at the Secret Garden. For us, back in kampong, we normally ordered some dishes and my mom will cook a few more with the help of my sis and myself. If I have to entertain guest, I think I will order everything! Very stress thinking of cooking ha!ha!

  3. Happy CNY! Ya felt quite unprepared for celebrations this year too.. it was a nice long weekend though. I only came back to work today haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Wishing you and your family lots of health, wealth and happiness! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Very nice family photos! You are a super woman, working full time yet can bake cookies too.

  5. Nancy, GXFC to you too! Thanks for the sweet comments.

    Magictree, some people are good cooks... I'm not very good hehe.

    Ai, I also went back to work on Day 4. :) Shorter holiday this year since Day 1 was a Sat.

    Mun, thank you and GXFC to you! Aiyo not super woman coz the results aren't super-good hehe.