Tuesday, January 3, 2017

JE's Primary1 Orientation

JE's primary school held an orientation session for new parents and students just before the first day of school.  Just what we needed!  I don't know about JE but I for one was pretty stressed about this whole primary 1 deal.  For one thing, it's a Chinese school and I can't speak/read Mandarin to save my life.  For another, it's a government school instead of a private one which would have to be run well enough to justify the fees.  Lastly, it's situated in a busy area where parking would not be easy (parking isn't my forte!)

I have bought, in successive and separate trips, 1) shoes and socks, 2) uniform pinafore, 3) school books - this one done by hubby, 4) uniform shirt, school bag and 5) plastic wrapper for books.  And done various degrees of worrying about this and that in between and everywhere.

And finally, it all came together!

Tadahh! All set!

As expected, Mandarin was the main language.  There were quite a number of non-Chinese though. So while I DID feel like an alien, it helped to know I wasn't alone.  There was a introductory presentation in the main hall for parents while kids were led to the classroom, and also shown around to toilets, canteen etc.

Later we all adjourned to the classroom.

My new class!

Brought along Mr iPad so SE was fine.  Plonked her on this side cabinet behind the other parents. After a while saw her sitting like this, engrossed...

Wait ya, I'm busy

I came out feeling much better about this whole thing.  :)  What I saw were dedicated teachers and real attempts to make the system and the school building itself a proper place of education.


  1. I too would feel like an alien because I am a "banana". I regretted not sending my boys to Chinese school. Now they are also bananas! SE so engrossed and looks so serious!

  2. i can speak mandarin but cannot read many words. you can learn mandarin together with JE. it is never too late. good to know you have faith in this school system by placing SE there. i heard many people go private despite the high high fees.

  3. I went thru this before. Not understanding 80% of the announcements and I survived, so did my kids. As long can make friends, they will survive.

    SE looks so cute cross-legged!!!!

  4. Nancy, young bananas from the banana tree haha.

    Mun, being able to speak Mandarin would make a big difference for me. I am completely lost in a Mandarin-speaking group. I don't think I'll be able to pick it up as I've made attempts to learn before, unsuccessfully.

    Magictree, same boat! Ya, kids learn fast so hopefully will be fine.