Thursday, January 12, 2017

Last day at kindy

This is obviously a slightly-outdated post haha.  Deep into the school holidays, I had a call from JE's kindy about a Xmas party for the kids.  I thought the invite was a nice gesture (they weren't going to get any more business from me already!).  I like this kindy near my house and had planned to send SE there.  Had to change plans when JE was placed in the afternoon session for Standard 1... timing-wise, SE had to attend a kindy near my parents' house instead.

Here's JE all dressed up with her gift for the exchange.

Do I look nice?

Let's go!

Aisshh how did she get so big so fast.  Oh I must relate this story...

JE:  I was thinking about kissing
Me:  Huh?  Kissing what?
JE:  Kissing Choonie (this boy in her kindy class).  He is so handsome!

Oh-oh don't grow up too fast, little one!


  1. Wah, JE is growing up so so fast. See handsome boy in kindy class, think about kissing him already.

  2. JE, you not only look nice but you look so pretty and sweet! When I attended my little boy's kindy concert, one little girl came up to me and told me that my boy kissed her on her cheek! Hahaha...they were so innocent and they gave me a wide smile!

  3. Mun... *smack my head* haha

    Nancy, true they don't see kisses as such a big deal.

  4. My heart will go 'bipop bipop' if my 6 year old can comment a boy in the class is handsome!!!Indeed, kids nowadays mature faster.

  5. Magictree... some more think of KISSING him haha.