Sunday, January 8, 2017

School so far

If the first day went well, the second day didn't.  SE was very clingy when I tried to leave her at her class.  She kept pulling me into the classroom even though the teacher tried to sweet-talk her.  Leaving took quite a while.  I didn't want her to come out looking for me and NOT see me as she might be traumatised.  But as I kept saying good-bye, she kept clinging on.  Luckily at one point when I said bye, she said "Bye-bye Mummy" and I high-tailed it out of there!  Took it as "permission" to leave.

JE had some hiccups too.  The afternoon kids assemble before going into their classrooms as the morning students would still be occupying the room.  This second day, there was a stern-faced teacher leading them through questions and answers, arm exercises and whatnot.  She spoke fast and purely in Mandarin.  JE didn't follow the actions at all.  I didn't realise it as I was standing behind her (trying to be unobtrusive) but when I went up to her after that, her eyes were swimming with tears.  She clung on to me, sobbed and said "I don't understand, Mummy".  Oh, that broke my heart.

Both kids were fine when I picked them up the second day.  But when we were driving home that night, SE spoke up, "Today, I almost cry in the toilet.  I want Mummy" and again "I almost cry.  Got no Papa, no Mummy".  Oh... heartbreak for the second time that day!  To have my little 4yo being miserable in the toilet.  :(  If she said she "almost" cried, maybe she WAS crying!

My poor baby

On the bright side, JE was ok after that second day.  Her class teacher is kinder than that stern-faced one and JE speaks to her in English.  Hopefully she will be able to pick up some Mandarin soon.

BUT... SE still isn't fine.  The third day, she was as clingy as on the second.  And on today the fourth day, for the first time there were tears in her eyes.  Which developed into full-scale bawling as I was leaving.  Oh-oh-oh.  Definitely not over the hump yet.

I want Mummy...


  1. SE looks sweet in her uniform. Good thing she didn't refuse going to school like some kids do.

  2. SE knows how to express herself so well. JE will pick up the language, just need some time.

  3. Nancy, the tears/bawling only start after we reach her classroom.

    Mun, ya fingers crossed!

  4. Ahh....all those will soon passed. My younger son took a long time(I shy to mention how long ) to get adjusted when he first went to primary school. Later he started to take part in as many competitions in school and his asst. headmistress commented...."last time always cry, now very brave already ah!". I became famous because of my 'crying boy' ha!ha!

    Actually, he also took quite a while to adjust to kindergarten because his teacher always punish a naughty boy in the class so he was very scared.

  5. Magictree my eldest nephew cried a long time too at kindy and primary school hehe. But the subsequent 4 kids weren't like that and I didn't expect SE to either coz she is generally a tough cookie.