Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sekinchan again

(OK take a break from the dreary topic of school.  SE is still crying in the mornings.  JE is fine for now but real lessons haven't started)

We made another trip to Sekinchan to round off the school holidays.  This time we made sure it wasn't a public holiday again like our previous trip!  It's easy to get to, only an hour plus away and there's no need to book accommodation (always difficult during holidays).

This time was great!  Not crowded and the weather was cloudy yet not rainy.  (Still no paddy in the fields but can live with that.)  Went to the paddy museum again - didn't bother with the RM5 admission but wanted to buy fish balls/ambra drinks/rose apple etc.  I absolutely loved NOT having to jostle with tons of people.

If you want paddy planted, call me ok

We also went to Mango King (nothing much actually) and had lunch at Loong Hua just because we could.  On our previous trip, the former was stuffed with people and the latter had a 2-hour queue.  Food was overall good and cheaper than in KL.  The chilli crab was the best dish for me.


Then we hopped over to the beach (previously a long, arduous drive) and hit the wishing tree, tree houses and other beach attractions.

Hello all!

Hello from up here!

Hello from the swings!

One swing each!

Hubby and JE flew the kite we bought during the last trip.

I'm actually flying a kite!

Some people were playing with bubbles and SE went berserk chasing the bubbles.

BUBBLES!!! (so happy this little kid heh)

Obviously the kids asked to play with bubbles too.

Check out my GIANT bubble!

And THESE too!

SE was so happy!  Snapped a few good shots.

Oh wow!



  1. A fun and happy outing for the girls. Hope to try the local food if we do go again.

  2. Hahaha....got see the hotel ka?

    Yup..j had much fun at the swing too

  3. A pleasant trip! there is a lot of good food over there. i always wanted to visit. hopefully cmg CNY.

  4. ah! you are wearing a fuchsia coloured top. fuchsia is a shade of red i would say and you look good in it. SE must have a lot of wonderful happy memories from this trip.

  5. Haven't been to Sekinchan ...will refer here when I need to go so I know where to go and what to eat.

    Those happy faces....how not to be happy. The bubbles are huge...looks so fun.

  6. Nancy, seafood should be good.

    SK, what hotel?

    Irvine, it should be darn hot during CNY, but why not...

    Mun, I do like reddish colours. Just dresses aren't my thing.

    Magictree, it's quite worth the trip. Go go :)