Friday, January 6, 2017

Kids' first day at school

6 Jan 2017 was a big day... SE's first day at kindy, and JE's first day at Primary 1!  We applied to have JE in the morning session, but didn't manage to get into it.  The good thing is, *I* get to be there for BOTH their big events.  Also I don't have to wake up as early - would have had to reach school by 7am if JE had been in the morning session.  SE's kindy only starts at 8am.  A whole hour makes a huge difference in the morning!

Take photo in the morning.  (JE is happily in home clothes and trying out her new goggles.)

Come take photo, Su Ern!

I'm in school now!

The first day was only 2 hours for SE.  She was sleepy, a little confused but overall it went well enough.  We (myself, JE and our maid Jane) stayed there throughout.

In the afternoon, it was JE's turn.  The previous time it was only orientation.  This was the real deal.  I camped in the school the whole 6+ hours.  This went pretty well too.  Snapped some photos during recess.

Oh yeah, I'm so happy that JE was placed in the same class as cousin Jensen.  Helps so much to have a friendly face when you're in a strange new environment!

Heading to the canteen

Hello! (Jensen is next to her)

When my sis asked how the day went, I said I don't know about the two kids, but *I* was exhausted hahaha.


  1. Great that the first day for SE & JE went through smoothly. They are great kids, should be getting on fine after the first day.

  2. wah JE is such a good sister to accompany SE the whole 2 hours. you also such a good mother to accompany JE the whole 6+ hours. The school has toilets just for parents?

  3. Nancy, actually the first day turned out to be the best day! Haha.

    Mun, well JE wanted to be there. And for me at JE's school, I figured I could only do that 2 days anyway coz after that they don't let parents into the school for no reason. I used the normal toilets la.