Sunday, January 22, 2017

No to surprises!

A relative gave the girls something... "Frozen"-themed chocolates with a surprise inside.  JE got Olaf. SE got... a troll.

Resulting prolonged bawling session is captured by amused mummy...

*sobs*... waaa.... WAHHHH

WAHHHH... I don't want this!!
(The offending troll is in front of her)

WAHHHH... I want Anna.. or Elsa!

Someone took the effort to think of the girls, bought something nice, hand-carried it over the border and handed it over.  And this is the reaction... aiyoyo.

Luckily JE eventually agreed to switch her Olaf for SE's troll.  So this ended well!


  1. wonder why troll in the frozen packet. Frozen characters are nicer then those of the trolls,,haaaahaaa

  2. Aiyoyo...crying SE. Good girl, JE! The older always have to give way to the younger. Never buy different things for young siblings. If buy same thing, they just accept the gifts without comparing. Kids are kids...Lol!

  3. JE is such a good elder sister to willingly give her Olaf to SE in exchange for the troll. This mommy is so cute, SE cried and cried and mommy took one photo after another, hehehehe! :)

  4. Thumbs up to JE jie-jie. This is so funny, crying after receiving a unwanted gift!

  5. Agnes, the trolls are part of the Frozen story. :)

    Nancy, these are 'surprise toys' so can't choose what's inside the packet.

    Mun, poor girl cried and cried haha. Of all the characters, trolls are the ones she dislikes the most.

    Magictree, I suspect she she wouldn't have given up Anna or Elsa!

  6. hahaha so drama!! But can understand la.. luckily she has a sweet sister :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka