Monday, January 16, 2017

Water play

First they played with the kittens while hubby was washing the car.

Check out our kittens!

Then they helped to wash the car.  Then they got hold of the hose.

Yayy this is fun!

Gahh see how wet they are getting?  OK enough already!  Time to bathe!

SE: But I want to hold the hose

OK fine... Jo Ern, pass the hose to Su Ern.

JE:  But whyyy....

Just pass it to her ok?  After that it's time to bathe.

JE: Hmmfff



  1. so fun to play with water in this hot weather. i think i see 4 kittens there. have se and je chosen their kittens yet?

  2. I think there are 5 kittens...are you keeping one each for your girls? Kids love to play with water and its fun to get wet. Hahahah...Mommy plays the captain and blows the whistle when to stop!

  3. hahaha, they were really drenched!!!

  4. your girls enjoyed the outdoor and the water to the fullest. my girls wanted to have kittens but don't think they will take care of them everyday.

  5. Mun, there are actually 5 kittens. :) We have 3 left and all 3 are still around.

    Nancy, yeah got 5 kittens! Not sure what's going to happen with the 3 remaining ones... hubby's too softhearted to actually dump any of them haha.

    Magictree... ya completely!

    Agnes, these kittens 'appeared by themselves' haha. Courtesy of our neighbour's cat.

    1. Hahaha, seems like I must go back to school to learn how to count again. :D Happy weekend to you and your family!

    2. Mun hehe not easy to see the cat heads.

  6. Ah to be a kid again and not worry about getting wet in your clothes and being silly in public! ;p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka