Thursday, April 25, 2013

Photoshoot results

Went to select the photos a week after the photoshoot.  It was a nice set-up - sitting back on a sofa, having a slideshow of their selected photos projected on screen, with accompanying music. So nice that JE requested for a repeat right after! Of course, the objective of the studio was to get us to purchase as much as possible. Well... I did like the results, but MY objective is to have a handful of good photos of my girls each year as they grow. Not to have 100 photos of this one point in time. I'm sure the studio wasn't too pleased, heh. My package was for 4 photos.

In my order of preference:

#1. I just LOVE this black-n-white shot!

#2. In a reindeer costume. Love her smile and pose:

#3. In a dress, mostly hidden by the ball. 

#4: The best one of Su Ern. This photoshoot focuses on JE so SE only had a bit of airtime, no costumes either. There is a damp patch on her shirt. :(  There were photos taken of both of them but I don't like any.

#5:  Supposed to be a Winnie the Pooh costume but she refused to put on the hat. This photo is my last choice - partly coz I felt bad about choosing so few and thus added this one. I have since decided her eyes here are too small.

I'm kicking myself for one thing, that my last choice is the one outside the package and is the one coming in 8R copy and high resolution. The package ones are in small hardcopies and low resolution. I did consider calling to swap with my fav photo, #1. Knowing the studio wasn't happy with me made me think twice about contacting them again. By the time I decided and emailed them, they were closed for two days. The next day I was busy and didn't follow up. The next, everything was already done. My fault for being wishy-washy. :(


  1. first choice concurs with yours! Classic black n white rules! Btw, All the pics u chose are very nice! JE looks really cheerful, great annual studio shots!

  2. I like the first B&W photo too but all are great and cheery :) It's ok, lesson learnt for your next photo shoot opportunity heehee

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka