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Sunday, January 30, 2011

New camera, Take Two

This new camera can take nicer pictures of me?

So hubby told me the day before he left for his Myanmar trip that he'd bought a new camera. As usual the purchase was in my absence coz otherwise I'd be nagging that my Sony Cybershot is still good, heh. Ah well, I'm rather fed-up that so many of my photos of Jo Ern turn out blur, especially the indoor shots. Got new camera also good la.

Then the day he returned, he called to say the camera had been stolen in KLIA. Aiyo I hadn't even seen it! Apparently his friends wanted to take a picture with the air stewardesses after the plane landed. Someone obviously noticed his spanking new camera then. He'd been so careful with it all over Myanmar too. There went the hundreds of shots taken on his holiday, just like that!
Now if it were MY camera that'd been stolen, I'd have sulked and refused to look at cameras for a while. Hubby leh, IMMEDIATELY went back to buy another one. Of the exact same model. This Canon is in between an auto and a DSLR in terms of functions and appearance. Must go play with it a bit...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another haircut??

Just take a little bit off the top

I was commenting to hubby last night that Jo Ern's hair is flat now, totally doesn't stand up any more. Then only he said he took her for a haircut that morning. Aiks she had a haircut barely two weeks ago! Hubby really wants her porcupine hair back. He actually asked the hairdresser to make it stand... luckily she refused to cut it that short haha. A crew cut definitely wouldn't look nice with the dresses I bought for her first CNY!

I'd better make sure hubby doesn't make these ad-hoc visits too often or my little girl will soon get mistaken for a little boy...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Genting trip 4

Corridor leading to the room

Jacuzzi beyond the bedroom. Nice stained glass window

Genting again?? Heh. Hubby still has platinum card status and Genting keeps giving free rooms and whatnot (privileges steadily decreasing since he doesn't spend enough time at the casino for their liking). So we take advantage now, while we can! We had a suite at Highlands hotel this time. I still think Genting is a good place for a holiday with a baby - not too far, cool weather, and everything is walking distance once there.

We did something different this trip... went to the theme park! Gosh I haven't been inside in years. Verdict: it's pretty nice. There's lots of space to walk about, thrill/family/kiddie rides, performances to liven up the place and clowns giving out free balloon creations. This is the first time I am going to a theme park with my child and I just loved that thought. Next time we'll leave the stroller behind to make it easier going for rides. We only went on one carousel ride since it was nearing Jo Ern's nap time.

This is nice! Mummy carry me a lot

See my pretty balloon bracelet?

All zonked out after morning at theme park
The last time we came to Genting, Jo Ern couldn't crawl yet so I could just spread out a towel on the floor and plonk her there. This time she wanted to crawl and kept going to the edge of the bed to look down longingly at the floor. Poor kid, but the carpet didn't meet my standard of cleanliness. Poor mummy too, tired out from catching her before she attempted any headfirst dives! So what else did she do? Tasted everything she could lay hands on, watched cartoons , made a mess of the newspaper...

Spiderman rocks!
Must keep up with the news

There was a 'Mountain of Food' promo where it was only half price at most outlets if you pay via Genting points. Great!! Too bad we couldn't go for fine dining with lil Miss Short-on-Patience around. Went to Ming Ren, Pizza factory and Good Friends restaurant where the seating design failed to impress Jo Ern.

I may be a bit short, but surely this table is wayyy too high?

Overall this was a good trip. Jo Ern had fever starting the night before and we were wondering whether to go. Decided to lug along her medicines and chance it. We have fever syrup/ suppositories and could always drive down if necessary. She slept for ages under the duvet and after that was fine already. Dunno if that was the cure - in my time, the cure for fever was to wrap up warmly and sleep, when you break into a sweat you'll be fine.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Teething, teething

Teeth came a bit late for Jo Ern, just before she turned 9 months.  On the plus side, drooling started late too.  Now she has two bottom teeth and is happily biting things, sometimes rather savagely.  Must buy teething rusks on my next shopping trip!

Bite bite


Friday, January 14, 2011

Papa's away

Hubby's gone off to Myanmar this time so I took leave a few days. With Jo Ern, I am pretty much house-bound if he's not around.  My parents live too far away for me to drop by any time I like.  At most, I nip out to the nearby shops, banks or small market (I am constantly amazed at the crowd despite things being so expensive, can be double Tesco prices or more).  Then I quickly come back and check that the maid hasn't run away with Jo Ern, hehe.  I'm really glad of the maid though - at least I can have a nap, surf the net or potter about the kitchen in peace. The cuttlefish and two new fish recipes turned out well, and today I tried my hand at 'lor bak gou'/carrot cake.

And let's see what Jo Ern is up to...

Grabbing and stuffing sweets, wrapper and all, into her mouth

Messing around with Papa's snacks under the coffee table

Playing with Papa's back-scratcher and remote controls

Hubby, quickly come back ok?  I won't be responsible for any damage or loss of your property!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anakku mat

Some baby things I bought were rather a waste. Top of the list are two packs each of breastpads and maternity pads.  A colleague told me they were a must, then I couldn't remember whether I'd already bought them and bought the second in case I hadn't.  Eventually I had no need for breastpads. And the sheer size of the maternity pads horrified me... how am I supposed to wear this thing??  Hehe.  Didn't use a single one.

One thing worth the money though, is this Anakku mat. Jo Ern was sleeping with us and either due to her being yet to grow into a size suitable for a standard newborn diaper or said diaper wasn't properly put on, her diapers frequently leaked a bit.  So hubby went and bought this Anakku mat which was small enough to fit onto the bed without us having to lie on plastic too.

So first, it was for leaks.

Mat bigger than baby

Then it served to indicate how Jo Ern was growing.

Baby now longer than mat

And now, it's one of her favourite toys!

Oo, mat!

Not to waste any time... Eat!

EAT! CHOMPPP!! Don't give chance!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nine months update

If I put my tongue like THIS, I can feel my two teeth

Ah quite a few new ones in recent weeks. Her creeping speed has shot up, enough to get into some mischief before someone notices.  She loves to scoot to the amplifier/DVD player and mess with the buttons.  Our TV nights are now punctuated by exclamations of 'Aiya!' and a rush to remove the little troublemaker.

She can crawl down from the bed (mattress is on the floor but it's still a few inches high) by herself and go rummage in my book collection or hubby's CD collection.  She can move from a sitting position down to her tummy. And most recently, vice versa as well.  Last night I had a hard time getting her to sleep as she was so busy practising.  Every time I looked, aiya the baby is sitting up AGAIN! 

A tad too timid. The good thing is she's often voted the most well-behaved at my parents' place.  Bad thing is, she cries at the sight of most relatives outside our immediate circle.  She would continue to cry too, and not warm up eventually.  Erm funny that she's perfectly fine with the kueyteow soup lady, the kopitiam fellow, the Indon plate-washer, staff at the bakery or our makan shop... basically strangers who come to say hello, play or even carry her.

*edit* The home guard just said a gentle hello to her and she burst into a LOUD wail.  Oh dear, how to handle this scaredy cat??

This one has me worried.  The scales haven't been moving much at all.  She LOOKS like she has grown, and she does drink her milk and eat her food, but she's still only 7.5kg.

Oh and finally, two bottom teeth.  :)  I was so excited to see the first one but she would always poke out her little tongue and block my view!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Matching things

Zzzzz... ok can still sleep so these bedsheets are fine with me

How do you match baby things to yours? Buy everything in the same pattern! Hehe. I love the colour combo and bee-and-flower motif of these bedsheets. The quality isn't great - the material creases - but these should last long enough.

Those jarring yellow and red Korean pillows are there for a purpose: To block the open cupboard space under my bedside table. Previously they prevented Jo Ern from accidentally scooting head-first into that space. Now they prevent her from going rummaging inside. Of course, she is finding the pillows convenient to support herself while she inspects my stuff ON the table. Then she helps herself to anything she feels like... must teach her the concept of respecting Mummy's property. :p

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 already?

Pom-pom is fun! Come and join me, come!

Somehow the significance of the new year didn't hit me until I saw other bloggers recapping the year and rounding it off nicely. I think I should too, but it's an easy job coz this whole year was just about Jo Ern! Starting 2010 in my third trimester, having Jo Ern in April, muddling through the first few months, her first smiles, her being able to turn over, to lift her head, to sit, to creep... I feel impossibly lucky having this cutie-pie in my life. Here's to many more happy years to come. Happy 2011 everyone!