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Thursday, January 29, 2015


So JE has been going to kindy for about 3 weeks now. She gets some homework everyday, which is good as we can keep track of what's happening on the school front. She has her 'study time' in the afternoons at my parents' place. I'm glad of that, as I think I'd go crazy if I sat with her every day! This is what happens...

Me: OK! Your homework is to read this page. Now, B-A Ba, B-I Bi, B-U Bu (Ba Bi Bu)
JE: B-A Ba, B-I Bi, B-U Bu
Me: Good. Now read the next line? (Which is Bi Ba Bu)
JE: Errr.  Errrr. B-I?
Me: B-I spells what?
JE: Errr Errr.... *lapses into long silence
Me: B-I is 'Bi'
JE: B-I Bi
Me: OK. Next one is what? B-A?
JE: Errr.  Errrr.  Errrrrrrrr.
Me: B-A is Ba
JE: B-A Ba
Me: OK. Next one is what? B-U?
JE: Errr.  Errrr.  Errrrrrrrr.
Me:  GNGNGNNnnngngnnnnnn

Another day....
Me: OK! Your homework is to write this... 'co'
JE: *writes a 'C' followed by a tiny 'o'. HAhahaaaaaa so tiny-tineee!
Me:  Ya sooo tiny hor! OK I will erase that and you write again
JE: *fiddles with her pencil*
Me: OK don't play with the pencil. Write properly.
JE: *draws a chicken instead*
Me:  Very funny. Let me erase that and you write 'co' ok?
JE: *draws a smaller chicken*
Me:  GNGNGNNnnngngnnnnnn

Stand here in case Mummy wants me to do homework. Brrr

Monday, January 26, 2015

Panda letdown

Went to see the 1600 pandas thingy last weekend after someone told us about it.  I saw some pictures of people holding the pandas so I thought that'd be fun.

Hmm. All pandas were corralled in a  roped-off area, rather than sitting all over in small groups as I expected.  And there was a long, slow-moving queue to get into the area.  You had to pay RM10 for the crew to take ONE picture of you with your own camera.  Then you scoot out to make way for the next group in the queue.  Aiks.  Not going to queue for ages just to squat for a quick picture!

Just took photos outside the area...

3 ladies and 1600 pandas

SE wanted to go inside so I thought why not.  :p  Hoisted her inside and quickly snapped.

Now what's so special about you, panda?

I used to work at Publika and like the arty theme of the place. The girls decided they liked this piece of 'furniture'...

Can lie down one!

Can sit down one!

It was too crowded to really loiter around long. Just had our lunch, went to B.I.G. supermart and that was it. Next day we went to 1u for our usual mall fix.  :p

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Moo-tark! And etc.

SE likes to do this now:

Oh Mummy want to take photo?


That's her doing 'moustache'.  And no, I don't know why!  She is pretty happy doing this.

Other things...

1. Appoh-to-be

As in 'Thih one appoh-to-be here'.  Ohh this one is SUPPOSED TO BE here.

2. Why...

At night she wanted me to wait downstairs for her to brush her teeth. I waited a while, then since she was fussing over this and that, I left her to the maid and went upstairs with JE.  When SE was done, she came upstairs.  And queried me with her fierce face:

SE: Why you waiting for me, then, you NOT waiting for me?

And another night, same scenario, same fierce face, slightly different words...

SE: Why you want to wait for me, then, you DON'T WANT to wait for me? 


Monday, January 19, 2015

Sleeping beauty

JE has always been tough to wake. This happens whether or not she has had a long sleep.  This morning... as usual, I fish her out of bed and carry her downstairs.  This is my modus operandi.  Trying to wake her up first will just get SE up (who will later get cranky from lack of sleep).

Put her on the dining chair where she promptly slid down to the floor:

I am sleepy

Managed to feed her some breakfast.  In between bites, she snoozed:

I am still sleepy

After finishing breakfast, she was still on the floor:

So. Sleepy

As expected, we were late for kindy.  :p  Gotta start the wake-up process earlier!

Friday, January 16, 2015

No more Su-ya

Just a quick one to record this.  A few months back, SE just couldn't say her own name.  She first called herself Su-Su.  Later she wanted to say it properly. Thing is, it always came out as 'Su-ya!'

Hubby:  What's your name?
SE: Su-Ya!
Hubby: Su-ya?  Your name is Su-ya?
Hubby: Then, what's your name?
SE: ... Su...... YA!
Hubby: Su-Ya?
SE:  NOOOO!!!!
Hubby: Then?
SE:  Su............ YA!

She knew how it SHOULD be pronounced but just couldn't do it! Got quite agitated especially if hubby continued the same line of questioning!  The maid got to doing that too.  But I didn't lah, pitied the poor kid.

Good thing she can say 'Su Ern' now.  :)

Don't look at me, I am not Su-Ya.

Monday, January 12, 2015

No longer lonely

I remember hitting a moment of realisation one day in the recent past.  The nature of my job is that I go on various assignments lasting typically half a year.  Not all of them will be with people I can click with.  There are some projects where I just have nobody to chat with and I'd have to go for lunch alone (which I feel uncomfortable doing).  So one day during such an assignment, I was walking in a nearby mall during lunchtime, alone.  I was pregnant with JE and a beautiful realisation hit me... when I have kids, I won't have to be lonely anymore!

Fast forward 5 years. It's great having JE and SE. Going to malls is one of our favourite activities. And yes, loneliness is no longer a problem.  But I have to contend with other challenges...

Hey, aren't you forgetting something?

Oh no... the kiddo weighs more than a sack of rice. Don't want to lug her around.

Mummy... wan pao-pao please

Please? I'm a good girl

What to do... *heart melt*  Carry her around until legs melt!  Haha.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Disc addict

JE loves to watch TV.  We don't have TV reception or cable TV for now, so what shows on the screen comes completely from discs.  Made two trips recently to this shop.  JE was a happy camper!

We got all these!

Hey, why are we still in the shop?

Come on, let's go home and watch these babies!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

First day of school

It was probably a case of the parent more affected than the kid!  I'd prepped her by informing her periodically about school, and got ready her schoolbag and nice stationery.  We went shopping the weekend before for a water bottle to take to school.  I was rather emo while browsing through the shelves in the supermart. Felt as though I was sending her off somewhere. Well in a way that was true... this would be the first time I entrust her to the care of strangers.

Sleep was slow to come the night before (to me, that is hehe).  Next morning, had trouble waking JE up.  Oh-oh.  SE woke up while I was still trying to get JE up.  Oh-oh. This was at breakfast:


Waaaaa... don't want go to school!

I planned to bring SE along, but she was cranky that morning and wasn't ready when it was time to leave. Oh-oh.

Waaaa... Wan go KOOL!!!

Luckily things improved after the initial hump! JE got to class and focused on the teacher. I was advised to stay further away so I sat outside the classroom out of direct sight. Which accounts for the lack of good photos haha.

My class is Tulip

My name is Jo Ern

Summary: I had to fight tears a couple of times (my JE is going to SCHOOL already) and hurriedly thought of other things.  JE?  She seemed fine.  :)

I am going to school!

Turned out Monday was only an orientation of 2 hours. Actual school starts on Thursday. Fingers crossed everything will be fine and JE moves smoothly into the next phase of her life.