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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Things SE says

How does the mind of a 3yo work?  I'm sure I don't know!  She says the most amusing things so matter-of factly.

Maid: (following up on a story) Last time, the stepmother was the fairest. Then Snow White become the fairest. But the stepmother killed Snow White. Now who is the fairest?
SE: Me!
Maid: Hah?? You're not even in the story!
SE: Never mind, kakak Gen, never mind.  *patting the kakak in a comforting way*

The fairest? That'd be me

In the car
When I are (am) big, I want to buy BEEEEG car. To put BEEEEG toy.
Then, I want to buy BEEEEG toy. To put in BEEEEG car

Oh well, guess it's her own money she's talking about.  But I hope by that time she will have better things to do with money!

I want... a big car

Another time, in the car
SE: *sing sing sing* to the radio
SE:  I the singer. Jo-jo ih the dancer. Coh, I sing veeery naih. (I sing very nicely)
JE:  You cannot be a singer. You not big girl, you small girl. You don't have long hair also.
SE: I not Rapunzel.

Aiyo.  That amused me quite a bit.

I will run along and amuse someone else now!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Ah Kong's birthday 2015

Celebrated at Dynasty Dragon in Atria.  My dad chose dimsum so I didn't bother with pictures.  Dimsum look pretty much the same anywhere and how to take many pictures of small dishes when I'm raring to eat?  :)

The food was decent but service was chaotic.

Sis the cake-maker was late because of cake.  But at least cake appeared.
(Correction after sis' update:  Sis wasn't late because of cake but because of scatterbrained-ness in remembering appointment time. Hehehe)

Happy birthday to my dad!

Happy birthday to Ah Kong!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Of baking

My sis has kids who eagerly snap up whatever she bakes.  I... don't.  Sigh.  If I bake something, chances are high that I will have to eat most of it.  Hubby doesn't like sweet things so he's out of the equation.  JE and SE might take a bite/a piece/a few pieces (depending on my luck!) and that'd be it.  I do ask my maid to try the freshly baked goodies, but she's generally too shy to take more than one piece and I don't want to keep asking in case she really doesn't like them!

Baked some doughnuts recently.  JE took one bite and went off.  Luckily SE was a better customer.

These aren't too bad, really


Out of 10 doughnuts:  JE had half, maid had one, SE had three (over 3 days).  That left 6.5 pieces that I had to finish - they weren't good enough to offer to other people.  And that is why I don't bake often!

Monday, August 17, 2015

KLCC playground

Somebody (hello, Ai!) has been featuring playgrounds on her blog.  I have been reading in envy at the many creative playgrounds across the causeway - the ones here are nowhere near that standard.  Until we stumbled upon this huge one at KLCC last weekend.

This was in the park itself.

Hello there! (SE wasn't co-operating that day)

The playground is right beside the splash pool/waterfall - didn't take pictures of that since we weren't prepared for a wet time.  This playground is HUGE!  Imagine the standard playground 'sets', and imagine someone took, oh, a dozen of them (or two!) and put them together in one site.

Can walk on this thing...

Turn this thing...

Take a shower!

And slide... wheee!

The playground stretched as far as the eye can see!  It was on multiple levels, with slopes/steps leading to different sections, so I couldn't take a picture of the whole thing.

Oh wow.  But I don't plan to come back here soon.  We were there for lunch at Mandarin Oriental and parking for the first hour alone was RM9 (ouch).

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ikea trip

Hubby was on holiday in Bhutan recently.  We went to Ikea on one of the days, like during his last holiday.  Why Ikea?  Well firstly hubby doesn't really like going so might as well go when he wasn't around.  Secondly, the kids like it!

Messed around with Ikea stuff on display...

Oh noo mummy's here!



Messed around with Ikea stuff on sale...

Charlie's angels?

And of course, had ice-cream, curry puffs and refillable coffee at the cafe!


I also quite enjoyed the trip.  :)

Monday, August 10, 2015

"Busy backside!"

SE goes through phases where there's a certain phrase she likes to say.  Like once it was "I thought..." A few months back it was "Are you crazy?"

To her sister:  Are you crazy, Jo Jo?
To her toys:  Are you crazy, caterpillar? No?  OK!  Are you crazy, bear?  No?  OK!
To EVERYTHING:  Are you crazy, car? Are you crazy, egg?  Are you crazy, wall?

Luckily it only lasted a few weeks or we would really be driven crazy!

"Are you crazy" is now replaced by "Busy backside!"  This phrase appears ALL the time now, no particular trigger.  Followed by peals of laughter.

Oh well.  As long as she's happy.

Busy backside!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

JE takes the camera

I let JE take the camera a while last week.  The girls like to look back at old photos and videos.  JE also likes taking shots of this and that.  I could hear her directing the little sister:

Stand beside the rabbit tent... do cute face.... good. *click*

Now sit... smile... *click*

Do angry face... good. *click*

Very very angry face... *click*

The camera also came back with these:


Mwak mwak

Hehehe.  Where did she learn that pout??  I have never shown her pictures of people doing this and I definitely don't do that myself!

Monday, August 3, 2015

3 going on 13

SE is a 3yo going on 13.  At a recent lunch, I ordered a 100plus (drink) to be shared between the two of them.  The can went to JE first, who wasn't keen on giving it up.

JE:  I don't want to give Su Ern
Me:  No, must SHARE
JE:  *not happy, but passed it over to SE*

SE: *happy*  Thih ih mine, right?
Me:  No, must SHARE
SE:  I say thih ih mine, I didn't say thih ih ALL MINE.  (I said it's mine, I didn't say it's ALL mine)

Actually I'm surprised that at 3 yo, she can differentiate so clearly between 'mine' and 'all mine'!

Thih car not mine. But ih pink like my cloh. Now take photo
(This car is not mine. But it is pink like my clothes)

Another incident...
(struggling to put her giraffe backpack on)
SE:  Mummy, help me wear thih.
Me:  What's in the bag?
SE:  Everything I need. Now help me.

It's like a glimpse of SE as a touchy 13yo... hahaha.

I have places to go. Now help me