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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Do work

So what was SE doing while hubby was working out his detailed accounts?

Do do do

Do do do

In her own words...

Jeh now, I do work with Pap-pa.

Hehe.  Not easy to do work with only a stick of correction fluid and a stack of pink post-it notes.  Just don't ask what she accomplished.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Best friend?

Will you be my best friend?

Yes, I will, my darling baby sister

Best friends forever!

Haha I wish! What REALLY happens is...

Kakak: Su Ern, who is your best friend?
SE: Jo Jo!
Kakak: Jo Ern, who is your best friend?
JE: Jie-jie Elyssa (her older cousin)
SE: But, your behh friend ih appoh to be ME! (your best friend is supposed to be ME)

Poor little sis haha.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Whose new toy

Having kids means you have to be prepared to share. Like hubby bought this thing to roll on his shoulder last weekend...

Roll roll roll

Before very long...

Papa, I want

Roll on tummy... nice

I like this thing!

 Hubby had to pry it from her to continue rolling.  But before very long..

Papa! I want! Papa! 

After a few rounds, hubby gave up.  Toy has changed ownership. :)

Sit here with my new toy

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Grown-up playthings

Following on my previous post. Those toys were what *I* selected and bought, what *I* thought would be good for them and with repeated playability value.  What do they *ask* for?  Led by JE with little copycat SE...

JE:  Next time, could you buy me lipstick?
SE:  Nek taime, could. you. buy me. lip-teek?
JE:  Could you buy me nail polish?
SE:  Could. you. buy me. nail po-leek?

JE:  Could you buy me toe polish? 
SE:  Could. you. buy me. toe po-leek?
JE:  Could you buy me eye polish?
SE:  Could. you. buy me. eye po-leek?
(Because it's 'nail polish', JE thinks you need 'toe polish' to paint toe-nails and 'eye polish' for your eyelids!)

My standard answer would be, only when you are twenty years old.  Hahaha. It's funny - I hardly apply make-up and even then it's only lipstick for work.  And yet these are dream items for my 5yo.

Kids messing around with display items, while waiting for hubby:

Put lipstick

Put eye-shadow

Another item JE frequently asks for...
JE:  Could you buy me high heels?

No no no haha...

Monday, November 9, 2015


The kiddos don't read yet.  Also I want to limit their screen (iPad/TV) time.  They do role-play and chase each other around, but there is still a need to get them alternative things to DO.  Barbie dolls... JE doesn't bother with them and SE mostly just messes up their hair or loses their stuff.  :)  These are some more successful recent ones:

1. Chalkboard with magnetic board on the other side.  They play on this quite a bit.

Like my drawing?

2.  Kinetic sand!  Got the non-original type which is more flexible in term of quantity to buy.  The colours green and pink have now merged into some kind of brown, which is what I wanted in the first place anyway hehe.  Love this container as I can just close the lid and store as-is when they're done playing.

We're making lots of things!

3. Playdough.  My beef with these is, the colours of playdough merge together too quickly.  It's not much fun to play with only one colour at a time of course.  So we now own a LARGE blob of dark grey.  Plus a few unopened tubs of various colours.

I don't mix colours together. But Su Ern does

4. Lego. This is more for JE at the moment.  SE just grabs pieces and fixes them any old how. Then gets angry if you remove or reposition them.

What's the next step...

5. Tent. This one gets played with a lot. I do like this particular one as the sides are clear mesh so I can keep track of the little one playing inside.

And this is our pink rabbit tent

But the best one is actually not here hehe.  Don't have pictures of that yet.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Almost going to

SE's "phrase of the moment" has changed.  Now it's "almost going to".  As in:

Adult: Su Ern, finish your fruit and go pom-pom (bathe)
SE:  I al-moh going to si-nih (finish)

Adult: Su Ern, faster go and choose your clothes
SE:  I al-moh going to chooh (choose)

And telling the big sis:


At least there is warning before she really gets angry hehe.

I almoh going to be ready

I almoh going to sneeze

Never a dull moment with this little one.  :)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

JE's first concert

Her cousins apparently practiced incessantly for their concerts.  I never saw JE doing that.  In fact she kept saying she didn't want to go for her concert.  Luckily she was looking forward to it nearer the date!  She kept singing some of the concert songs.  And was excited at getting to put on make-up and wearing the costume.  Her theme was 'Africa' - aiyo why so sexy la... gave her a shirt to wear in case she got cold.

All dressed up!

The little one came along to "support".  That's her squatting there, in pink with the little plaits:

Where ih Jo-Jo?

The music swelled as the concert started. Oh no... tears swelled in my eyes too.  My little girl in her very first concert.  Luckily I had SE there to hug and shield me from any curious eyes!

When it came to her turn, JE was dancing along with the others.  Enthusiastically.  For someone who didn't seem to be into at all, she actually did pretty well!

Jump jump dance dance

Sigh.  OK I survived hehe.  I'll watch the CD later to look at her moves.  Too bad she was at the back row and blocked most of the time.

All done!