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Monday, October 29, 2012

Zoo Negara visit

GIRAFFE! Giraffe got very long neck

We made it to the zoo! I've been wanting to bring JE since she likes the animals in her books and on TV. My plan was to see the more common animals and just leave once we got tired or too hot. We were prepared - hubby brought sunblock and I brought cold drinks in my insulated milk bag (worth doing, soft drinks were RM7 a can hehe).

It was overall a good trip.  The sun was scorching, but inside it was shady from the plentiful trees. We took the tram at the entrance so it wasn't all that far to walk. JE was excited to see the animals she knew - elephant, lion, tiger, deer, giraffe, camel, monkey etc.

Behind got this bird, Jo Ern don't know how to say

CAMELS at the back!

The kid got tired after a couple of hours. She was happy enough seeing rhinos the first time but when we looped back and I pointed out the rhinos:

Me: See? Rhino again!
JE: No. Jo Ern don't see any rhino
Me: Got, see there?  Got two rhino!
JE: No ya, no rhino there.


JE: Today zoo got NO rhino.

All this with two huge rhinos in front of her, heh. We stopped for ice-cream and corn-in-a-cup, which charged her batteries sufficiently for the air-conditioned aquarium area, also the penguins and monkeys.

SE pulling up and gumming her shirt as usual

Stroller hijacked by the big sis, as usual

A change from going to the malls! :) Our next trip would probably only come after SE is big enough to appreciate the animals though. Our weather is really too hot to enjoy outdoor activities. Entrance was RM20 (without butterfly park) per adult and free for kids under 3. I set my expectations low and it was overall a pleasant experience.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Take care baby titter

Chu Ern don't cry ok? *pat pat*

Jie-jie pat you. Don't cry don't cry. *pat pat*

I'm exhausted. And baby titter is still crying

I lie down and pat. Don't cry don't cry... *pat pat pat*

JE does 'take care' of SE! I sometimes leave them alone for a short while, then come into the room to find her busy patting her little sis.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ah Mah's birthday 2012

We celebrated my mother's birthday in Dynasty Dragon last week. Food, environment, price were good - I think we'd be returning. :)  But of course, the best was being together to celebrate a happy occasion! Sis made the cake and the grandkids 'helped' to blow out the candles.

The best shot I have - SE's not too happy at being woken up 

Next shot - Erin has gone down and SE has started crying

Another good day in the Ong family. :)  Happy birthday to Ah Mah!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

5-month jab

Took Su Ern for her 5-month jab last weekend. Went all the way to Columbia Asia Puchong for the 6-in-1 shot, only to find out it had been discontinued. Could just have gone to our usual neighbourhood paedi! Anyway since we were already there, opted for two separate jabs. Poor SE. She cried at the first jab. But at the second, she really bawled!

SE all wrapped up. Can see that Annie dotes on her, yes?

JE was there! And Doggie too.

Weight-wise, she is now officially underweight (heh why all my babies like that??) Doc said babies normally go below the chart around this age and it's time to start solids. Oh already?! It seems only a short time ago that she was born! I'm waiting till this weekend before doing anything.  She'll be 5.5 months, around when JE's paedi recommended starting solids.

I get to play with baby foods again, whoo hoo!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Tough times

It has been a challenging month for JE. She lost a friend/caregiver when my previous maid Lina left. That's what I had to keep reminding myself, coz it has been a challenging month for me too.  JE has been doing lots of screaming and throwing of tantrums.  I think that's partly because she is in her terrible twos, partly because she didn't take easily to my new maid Annie.  She absolutely refused to have Annie help her with chores like eating, bathing, strapping her into her car seat, closing the car door, cleaning her up, changing her clothes etc.  Forcing resulted in her screaming at the top of her lungs and as we found out, an adult can't handle a violently-struggling 2.5yo without safety risks to both adult and child.

I'm not giving you a hard time...

I'm HAVING a hard time

Many chores fell onto me. Feeding her was the toughest. She'd be squirming, climbing up on her chair, fiddling around and dropping utensils, holding food for ages (5, 10 mins) in her mouth, asking for water/hanky/fork/toys. I tried to avoid making mealtimes stressful but would end up saying FASTER! DON'T HOLD FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH! SWALLOW! SWALLOW!!

A month on, the ice is thawing. JE is chatting to Annie now, and letting her do some of the chores (though with some fuss). My mum or myself still feed her. But she behaves herself for Ah Mah and me, I'm getting used to it. I think the worst is over. *fingers crossed*

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pneumococcal jab

Finally took JE for her pneumococcal jab. Hubby didn't notice this option when he took her for her previous jab. I was debating whether to make a trip to the paedi just for this jab coz it's normally such a long wait. Coincidentally an article appeared in the newspaper on this young boy who had pneumococcal meningitis and managed to survive after weeks of treatment. At a cost of RM70k.  Oo-kay it was a no-brainer, I was definitely making the trip! Errr week after week passed. We were going somewhere else, we woke up late, we forgot...

We waited a whole hour at the paedi. JE didn't mind. The waiting area is basically a play area.

I'm down here!

This place is nice!

Paedi asked me to carry JE and hubby to hold a jar of lollipops for her to rummage around in. JE shuddered when the jab went in, then went back to choosing her lollipop. Went home with a yellow one and asked the maid to unwrap it for her while I was cooking lunch. So she got to eat her first ever lollipop.  (I was planning to hide it)

Phew, job done. No fever or anything too.

Monday, October 8, 2012

5 months old today

Little Su Ern is 5 months old today!

Hello there!

So far she has been an easier baby to care for than her big sis - doesn't cry a lot, doesn't complain a lot, smiles a lot. Hubby says she happily takes her bath in the mornings, unlike JE who would scream if water gets into her eyes or she's just not in the mood.

Pom-pom time for me

SE doesn't drink very much milk though. I prepare four bottles of 3oz for the 12 hours approx that I'm away from her and I'd be happy if she finishes all of it! She only takes 2 - 2.5oz each time and it's a bit of a call what to do with the rest. I don't want throw away any breastmilk. But when a portion keeps being heated up, not finished and put back in the fridge, heated up again, not finished... sigh.  Sometimes I'm forced to throw some away in the interests of hygiene.

Show you my latest trick ok?  Head UP!

Taking her for shots this weekend so will see how she's doing on the growth/development point of view. 

Yayy my jie-jie come and play with me

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Afternoon outside the gate

Last weekend we cleared up the weeds outside our gate. The toddler had a whale of a time being outside. She was thrilled to have a spade to dig around with.

Where shall I dig with my spade?

THIS looks like a good spot

After some time, she decided to throw pine cones into the big drain.

Oh a cute pine cone

Where are you, little pine cone?

It was definitely preferable to having her stare at Barney on TV!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Turn... and UP

Turned on tummy all by myself

And now for my next trick, ngggNGGGnn

Up up up

UP! Gnngnnn

Whoo, so tired

But yay I did it!

Little Su Ern's first milestone!  Actually first AND second milestone, virtually together! She started turning just a few days ago and now she is lifting her head too. Way to go, my little one. :)