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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Port Dickson trip 2019

We are just back from PD!  First trip of the year-end school holidays, heh.  I had planned for Ipoh but by the time my leave was approved, accommodation options were limited.  Never mind, PD first and Ipoh later.  And this post on food first, non-food in later post.

First dinner was at Soon Huat, which was beside a fishing village.  Walked over while waiting for food.

Fishing boats behind us

After that err no pictures of food.  As usual too busy attacking the dishes once they started arriving.  Had crabs, lala, squid.  I thought food was quite good.

Until we went to the next place for lunch on the next day, Lucky King bun.  Ordered the bun for the kids and this curry seafood pot for the adults.  Now this was really yum!  Much better than food the previous place.

I will NOT eat that spicy thing

But the bread is yummy! Ahmmmm

It got even better.  I'd say our best meal was at Hao Yue Shun.  Every dish we ordered was excellent. But see how much food we had (I don't dare weigh myself yet) for 3 adults, 2 kids who don't eat a lot.

Thumbs up!!

I kept planning to eat leftovers but we keep going out for more.  Quite enjoyed the cendol, coconut shake and snacks at PD Coconut Shake Power too.  Until we went back again next lunchtime.

We like the food here!

Totally over-ate. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Musings of SE

Lately I have been stuck in traffic a lot, especially following Waze through housing areas trying to avoid jammed-up highways.  Then I get totally stuck at the small housing roads not meant for heavy traffic haha.  So I will idly look at the houses along the road and wonder about people's lives in them.  To my surprise, SE seems to have been thinking along the same lines.

SE:  I wonder what other people's lives are like. Where they live, what they do every day.
Me: Hmm ok
SE:  I also wonder about Jojo's life.
Me: Har? You live with Jojo and see her all the time what
SE:  Yes but I don't know how she feels, what she thinks.

My little thinker.

I wonder...

Another time...

SE: I want to be Jojo!
Me: Oh, why?
SE: Jojo is good, and she can finish her homework.

I have to tell her that she can also be good and finish her homework if she works at it! 

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Gymrama grading

Time for the second and final gymrama grading/competition for this year.  Hmm this isn't a cheap affair... RM125 each for competition fees, costume rental about RM60 to RM120 depending on whether it's with sequins (cheaper) or diamonds, short (cheaper) or long sleeves, or any special embellishments.  About RM400 this round for my two girls.

Getting ready


For all the preparation, the actual routines are less than 3 mins each.  JE had 2 routines as always.  No pictures since I was taking video instead.

All done!

SE's turn was after lunch.  My maid Jane is invaluable at these events - she does their hair and makeup as well as make lunch for me and herself (the girls have lunch provided).  Plus bring everything along.  All I have to do is to drive there. :) 

Getting ready


This round they had just gold/silver/bronze rankings instead of numerical ones.  Both didn't do that well.  JE got bronze for both routines and SE bronze for her single one.  It's rather disheartening - wonder if we should stop gymrama all together.  The girls don't like going for classes, they don't do well in competitions and this situation is unlikely to change.  Maybe it's better not to continue putting them through this?  Must consider that for next year.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Kindy concert outfits

The girls were fooling around in their old kindy concert outfits.  SE's was from a year ago.  JE's was from... THREE years ago!  And it still fits.  This one is a "skinny beanie" as she doesn't eat much.  "Skinny beanie" is what SE thought it was instead of "skinny minny", and now we just call JE the skinny beanie.  She isn't gaining much width so luckily she does gain in height.

(I wish her feet would stop growing though!  Her feet are catching up in size to mine already.)

With love

With much love

With love and rabbit ears

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Korean craze

And the Korean craze deepens.  She got this book on BTS from Popular.  Reads it every night and chants their names.  Comes up with various nuggets of information on them from time to time - this member is actually from Thailand, how long this song spent on the charts, what this member likes.  I only listen with half an ear (or less).

I found my dream book

She saw these dolls in Popular and wanted them.  So I thought I will use it as a bribe for continuing her swimming lessons (she finished the basic one and the next stage is a lot tougher).  Then this hubby goes and buys it for her.  He claims to have hidden it.  She saw it immediately upon entering the house and was ecstatic.

My dream doll!

Wonder how long this craze is going to last.  If only it had been some Taiwanese star instead then she would be more interested to improve her Chinese hehe.

Saturday, November 9, 2019


JE has been joining these hula hoop classes after school.  I wasn't so keen on them since she'd have to eat lunch in school and wait some time for the class to start.  She'd not be having a nutritious lunch (usually she buys noodles in sauce from the canteen), she'd reach home late and tired after the long day.

But she enjoys them and has kept them up to now.  They had performances recently.  Another parent attended and sent me pictures.

Dancing to the mambo rock

All smiles

Once a week isn't too bad I guess.  See what happens next year.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Birthday party

SE was at her BFF's birthday celebration.  They were classmates both in kindy and P1.  And go to school with the same transporter.  They reach early so have plenty of time with each other before school starts.  Unfortunately this friend just moved to another school.  SE doesn't have a lot of friends so she does miss her.  Sigh what to do, life goes on.

The activity was baking.

All suited up 

Mix the dough...

Mix mix mix
 One assistant allowed so JE could join too...

Our dough should be ready

Cut the dough now

Nutella tarts all done!

Interesting activity, but too pricey.  From the signboards, the session they had cost RM75 for each pair.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Goose Pond

It had been 4 months since our last visit.  This place is near our apartment where we only spend weekdays and thus have no time to go anywhere.  We made an exception for Deepavali weekend, stayed an extra night.

Off we went in the morning. As usual first up was lots of yummy food for breakfast.  :)  This time mostly brought by SIL as sis was too busy sleeping to make it.

We are kayakers!

Fresh air, water and animals to pet.

Pet a goat

Pet a cat

Always a nice place to be.