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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sleeping angels

While up in Genting last weekend, we were in bed watching TV when I started feeling hungry. Wanted to call hubby (who had gone off by himself) to come for dinner when I realised somebody had dozed off...


Oh well I could wait, let her sleep a while.

After a while, my tummy was rumbling.  Looked over and found somebody else had also dozed off...


Oh well, travelling with young kids is like that.  They don't follow the same time schedule.  How not to let them sleep when they look so peaceful.

(Nope I didn't lose any weight coz I was famished.  Ate tons when we had dinner eventually! Hehe.)

Monday, April 25, 2016


So we were packing to go up to Genting for a short trip last weekend.

Commotion is heard from the kids... SE is bawling.

Maid: What happened? why are you crying?
SE: JoJo took my bag... WAAAaaaaaAAAA
Maid: (sees JE with SE's pink butterfly bag) Jie-jie, why you take the butterfly bag? This bag is Su Ern's bag.  *Returns the bag to SE.

Just a minute later, another commotion is heard.  Now JE is bawling.
Maid: What happened? Why are you crying?
JE: Su Ern take my tiger cub. WAAAaaaaaAAAA
Maid: (sees SE packing JE's tiger toy into the pink butterfly bag) Su Ern why you take tiger cub? Tiger cub is JoJo's. *Returns the tiger cub to JE

What to do with these two small people??  If the mood is not right, they fight at the drop of a hat!

Hmm... dunno

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Papa

(Nope hubby doesn't read this blog. Says he doesn't need to as he sees the kids all the time)

This is hubby's style...

When we go to malls, he goes off to check out shops interesting to him, looks at his own stuff. After some time he will remember us and call to ask where we are. Even when together, he has to walk ahead by himself.

Going... (the guy in maroon shirt)


Almost gone.. no next pic because already GONE :)

At restaurants, he helps himself to piping-hot food while the maid and I busy ourselves with the kids: portioning out food, deboning, cutting, adding gravy etc.  Plus feeding the little mouths, getting sharp objects out of little hands etc etc.

When we are on holiday, he would go off by himself.  And when not miles away, he has to go off to sit far away.

In a land far far away

But while he won't structure his life around the kids, he does play with them, fetches them around and he WILL do whatever is necessary. Guess that's what's important. And I guess, I might as well accept what I cannot change! (Though of course I keep trying hehe)

Monday, April 18, 2016


JE started kindy at age 4+ and had picked up most of the alphabet beforehand. By the same standard, I figured it was about time SE started learning too.

But as they say, every child is different. THIS child refused to even look when I tried to teach. I tried and failed, left it. Tried another day and failed, left it. Repeat multiple times. Until one day I had a brainwave. SE loves those 'Look and find' books, where a panel at the side of the page contains items to look for and the rest of the page is the picture where you find those items.

I wrote 'A' on a drawing board and handed her a book open at a page with a capital 'A' somewhere. I asked her to find 'A' on the page. AND SHE EAGERLY DID.

YES! Breakthrough!

Let me read this for you...

We went to Tesco and she kept calling out 'A' loudly. (Coz there was the word 'JIMAT' or  'Save' everywhere haha)

Hang on, let me find 'A'

That was a few months back... delay in blogging heh.  Will update current status later!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

SE stories

SE can look pretty angelic.

Pose for camera

My maid tells me interesting stories of what she gets up to while I'm at work.  Like:

Maid:  *Nagging SE about making a mess, playing with water, not keeping toys*  How come got naughty people like this?
SE:  But I WIN!
Maid:  Win what?
SE:  Win being naughty

Actually it's true, she is a champion at being naughty.  Sigh.


Talking to herself aloud while on the toilet bowl...
SE:  Thih Kakak Gen ih so naughty
SE:  Ya so naughty
SE:  We don't bother about Kakak Gen, ok? Don't bother
SE:  OK don't bother

So her 'alter ego' totally supports what she says.  :)

SE:  Kakak Gen is a stupid naughty monkey
Maid: Where did you learn that?? What did you say?
SE:  (Facing the wall) You are a stupid naughty monkey
SE:  What? I jeh talking to the wall


SE is almost 4yo

What will she be like at 14yo?

NB:  Posing all done by SE.  Camerawoman is the maid, at SE's request.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

While hubby's away

Hubby went off to HK last month and I took the kids out to the Curve one day.  We went to Ikea (for currypuffs and to play), Popular bookstore (wanted to get a dictionary), playground, Lego store, lunch and Tesco. It was... exhausting!  It was as if they had superglue on, it was that tough to pull them away from whatever they wanted to play with.  I get them out from the small play area in Ikea, they went to the show bedroom to fiddle with everything there.  I get them away from that, they went to the soft toys area.  From soft toys to art materials, to toy kitchens to... and that was ONLY Ikea!  Repeat XX times at all the other stops.

Hubby went off to Taiwan last weekend and I went to the Curve again.  This time, I parked them at the playground with the maid and dashed off to Ikea/Popular by myself.  Bought what I needed and came back for them. (Of course, I always have my fingers crossed that nothing happens under the maid's care!).  This trip was definitely more relaxing.  We went for lunch...

Yummy pasta lunch!

Clowned around with this orangutan...

Check out our new friend!

The girls found the electronic store directory and seemed to think it was a giant iPad...

Let me press! No, ME!

Hey, stop that!

No, YOU stop that!

Haha ok it wasn't completely relaxing!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Birthday at school

Last year, I wondered how to get pictures of JE having her birthday celebration at school. Left it at that.  This year, JE said that her friends had their parents over at school for birthdays and asked why we didn't go.  Aha so that was actually the norm !  And so I sent hubby to do the job.  (Well I did have to go to the office and being at home, he was a lot nearer the school... hehehe)

JE chose Barbie for her 'school' cake.

I chose this cake. Nice?

Finally I have the photos I'd wanted!  And the little sis got to go along too heh.

Happy birthday to you, happy...

This is JE's final year at kindergarten and thus the final school birthday celebration.  Ooh this sounds sad... but I will have SE's birthday to 'do' for two more years.  Birthday girl with the party/goody bags to be distributed...

Eat my pasta first, later give out party bags

The cake she chose.  She loved the smiley face on the writing!  :)

Monday, April 4, 2016

Jo Ern is 6!

Just like that, the girl is 6.  :)

Happy birthday to Jo Ern!

We had a celebration at home as she requested.  And noodles instead of rice as she requested.  Menu for the day:

1.  Crispy fried chicken wings
2   Salad with fried pork belly - my brother said this was a most unhealthy salad!
3.  Fried noodles
4.  Fried rice
5.  Assorted yong tau foo (purchased.  The rest were cooked)

With prawn crackers as a starter snack.  Food turned out all right.  :)

Giant prawn crackers

JE chose a rainbow cake.  (From a bakery... making a birthday cake is NOT on my list hehe)

Cut my cake

Rainbow layers

JE is milking her birthday this time.

JE:  Kakak bring me that book.
Maid:  Hm?  You can reach it yourself.
JE:  But it's my birthday.
Maid: Ok ok

Apparently such has been happening for half a week.  And there's another half week to go before her actual birthday.  "Princess treatment" for a week, that's not bad at all!

She said she enjoyed her birthday celebration.  Which made all my effort completely worthwhile. :)