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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Black blanket

I sometimes find this in my room.  The black thing is my blanket.  So I come out of the attached bathroom, look around for the girls and see only this:

Just your black blanket


The other girl is actually underneath the blanket as well... still concealed at the other end in this photo.  I don't know how they can go under when it's so hot!  But they love jumping out and surprising me.  If it's only one girl under the blanket, the disguise is actually quite good as they're still small and the blanket just looks like... a lump of pure blanket haha.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Didn't do homework AGAIN

Just last week, it happened to her Bahasa homework.  And now repeat for Chinese homework arrggh. After a whole weekend of playing and watching TV too.  I do have concerns that she cannot keep up with Chinese and the legendary homework mountain when she starts at a Chinese primary school next year.

What to do, have to be tough love.  She said teacher will scold, I said that if I don't do my work my boss or customer will also scold. And that even if some things aren't fun, she still has to finish them.

Waa-waaaaa later teacher scold

Friday, September 23, 2016

Little model

SE sometimes refuses to cooperate when it comes to taking photos.  She will NOT look at the camera.  She will NOT smile.  She will NOT even go and stand in the place you ask her to.

Then once in a while, when the moood strikes, she will be totally opposite.  And keep asking you to 'take photo!'.

Take photo!

Take photo again

Take like this also

And like this

Take photo, Mummy!

Do I look nice?

What a funny little girl, hehe.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Didn't do homework

This one woke up this morning and immediately dissolved in a flood of tears.  Why?  Because "waaaaa.... haven't done homework....waaaaa.... teacher will scold.....waaaaaa".  Hahaha.  She had been vomiting and skipped school yesterday (for the very first time... not a bad record eh, after 1 year plus of starting kindy).

Don't want teacher to scold...

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


"Zombie ih like this.  Becoh got no bone in the head, the hand, and body.  Only in the leg."

Apparently this information came from cousin Jensen.

Zombie ih like thih

Kids... but see, she said that's why zombies can walk.  Because got bone in the LEGS.  Logical?  Hahahaha.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Two sisters

A separate post on this as I found a few nice photos in the Camerons ones.  These are of the two sisters...

Come, hold me and we go together

*Laugh laugh laugh*

Sometimes they fight, sometimes they're good friends.

Jo-jo is my best friend!

Come here come here

I wanna kiss you!

Hahaha...see how JE is trying to avoid her.  SE loves to hug and kiss people!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cameron Highlands trip 2016

JE's kindy announced a holiday, so I took the opportunity to arrange a 3D2N holiday too. :)  This is better than going during official school holidays when everywhere is packed and there is a surcharge on everything.  So off we went to Camerons!

I totally forgot that our usual lunch place was in Kampar, and we stopped at Fu Man in Tanjung Malim instead.  Food was good, no regrets.  Next stop, eagerly awaited by the girls, was the waterfall!  Take a picture to compare with our previous trip here... (the kids grow noticeably at this stage)


When in Camerons, it's all the usual suspects.  Cactus farm, Kea farm, vegetables, fried sweet potato balls, sweet corn, strawberries.  The girls were happy as they got various treats...

Strawberry butterfly ice-cream

Sausage on a stick

Steamboat!  Had it two dinners running at Jin Jin steamboat (I've decided to include some details as otherwise I'm quite likely to forget!)

Bubble bubble boil boil

This trip I managed to have lots of me-time.  Because we brought this...


Haha the kids were clamouring to play the iPad most of the time.  Oh well, since there isn't much to do in the apartment anyway.

Stopped at Bharat tea on the way down.  They charge RM2 admission now when previously it was free to wander amongst the tea plantation.  Still, not steep and kids go in free.

Let's eat this brownie with ice-cream. Nah... let's just eat the ice-cream only

Then the final stop of the holiday, the waterfall again.

I name this rock 'Eggy'

A good holiday overall!  I always liked Camerons.  Both kids asked to come back.  So, bye till our next visit.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Giant cake

Weekends, I'd normally be awake early and would make my way downstairs for some 'me' time.  The kids will appear maybe 1-2 hours later.  Why so long?  Well...

We made this! Do you like it?

Howw. We come in peace.

I'm likely to find things like this upon going up.  'This' is a giant cake.  It's made up of pillows, bolsters and blankets, and decorated with soft toys.  

Yep of course it takes time to dismantle.  Also sometimes there are hidden things in the pile.  Oh well, it's still worth it for the 'me' time I get!