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Friday, November 29, 2013

Milk box

While chilling out in the living room one day, SE came over bringing a milk box from the store room. Then she started playing with it.

For my next trick...

Look, I can fit into this box!

Ta-dahh! Applause please!

Kids can be so amusing! Of course, after a while she fell over and started bawling. Kids, heh.

On the subject of milk, I'm slowing down on breastfeeding. I had been worried about nights - she would wake 2-3 times every night, bawl, and I'd have to nurse her back to sleep. Recently she wakes just once and I can pat her back to sleep without offering milk. Looks like my role of milk producer will be over soon... having mixed feelings about that, sigh. Still, SE is 1.5yo now, target well achieved!  *pats self on back* Looking back, it was tough dropping everything twice a day at the office to go and pump milk. I don't think I could have done it another round!

NB: It's time to stop breastfeeding for another reason. SE talks a bit now and comes to me going 'Mekk! (milk)' If her request isn't fulfilled, she will just keep going 'Mekk! Mekk!' at me. Don't wanna continue being harassed by a little girl for milk. :)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lollipop balloons

We passed by some product roadshow the other day where there was a clown twisting balloons. So we got into queue. That clown was sooo slow! It was ages before we reached him. JE requested a lollipop balloon. AND THE CLOWN SAID NO!! He said it'd take too long to make and the queue was too long. What bull was that?? A lollipop isn't complicated to make at all. And my kid had already waited that long for her turn. He spoke in Mandarin which JE doesn't understand yet. I told JE to choose something else because this clown doesn't know how to make lollipop (which I suspected was the case). But no, he told me that he does know but it will simply take too long. What to do... JE accepted a flower balloon instead.

Back home, hubby whipped up a bunch of lollipop ballons for her. I *heart* them! Design-wise they're even better than the ones she has gotten before from other clowns. And they didn't take long to make, no sirree!

I have so many lollipops!

(Face sour coz I asked her to stop running around and stand still for a photo)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Bib time

JE and SE are starting to play together now that SE is a little bigger. A recent game is putting on matching bibs. (SE doesn't like them during actual eating time and our stack of bibs hasn't been used for ages!)

JE: Heyy let's put a bib on!

SE: Oo does this mean I get some food?

On another day... put bibs on and then go watch TV.

Don't disturb ok? We're busy watching TV

I do like them doing things together!  For the bibs, I think JE always grabs the red one... this girl always goes for pink/red/purple! Luckily SE isn't too fussy for now.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eating out sans maid

My maid just requested 4 Sundays off a month to go to church. For hubby and me, that's too many when we have two young toddlers! We compromised at 2 and hopefully that's the end. Last week we went Japanese for dinner during Ilyn's day off.

It was rather stressful. SE had her baby food but refused it once our orders started arriving. She kept reaching out for our food and if you stop this girl from getting she wants, she BAWLS really loudly. She played with the chopsticks and napkins (fine), the wasabi and pickled ginger (NOT fine) and the plates (NOT fine either since they were breakable). She was also moving around a lot and I had to use my leg as a barrier in case she fell off the seat. She bawled quite a few times throughout our meal!

JE? Also climbing around and fiddling with things. She IS older now though and would stop when told off. Only thing is I have to keep asking her to eat or she wouldn't eat much.

Our table was definitely attracting attention in the restaurant! *shy*

SE: I want to play with this plate

The plus side of not bringing the maid, the bill is lower. But even thrifty me agrees with hubby that the additional cost is worth being able to enjoy our meal in peace! It doesn't help that hubby gets grumpy when stressed... and eating with a sour-faced person isn't fun at all.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Yums sour

Now, what is JE eating? A sour lime plucked from my little plant! Ughh, how can anyone eat anything so sour?? She happily eats fresh umbra off my parents' tree, but calamansi are definitely worse.

Slurpppp ahmmm

SE, don't eat this thing ok?  It's too sour! Oh well... sighh..

Slurpppp ahmmm

Both limes were sucked pretty dry by the girls. Luckily my plant is in a pot and takes ages to produce a small crop, or I'd be worried about gastric problems!

Slurpppp ahmmm

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Breakfast for the girls

Breakfast's up!

Left for JE (stick must be pink), right for SE (not fussy on colour)

Most mornings, SE gets fruit and an egg. The egg is either steamed with some milk or scrambled with butter and milk. Occasionally she has oats with banana or Marmite. This girl is easy, she wakes up all ready for breakfast and always finishes everything up.

JE has fruit and a half-boiled egg. I was super-glad when she accepted the latter - much easier than trying to feed her bread or anything else! Typical result of a half-hour session with much exhortation to 'eat faster, swallow your food, don't keep in your mouth so long, no need to chew and chew etc'.... a quarter piece of bread eaten! Often she spits out the food after a good 5mins in her mouth too, sigh. She's getting tired of egg though. My back-up plan for now is cereal and biscuits.

The whole reason why there is fruit for breakfast is because of JE. Since fruit was about the only thing she ate with minimal fuss, I always included some at breakfast. Now SE gets fruit too... not that she is complaining. :)

Addendum: Welll.... SE finishes her food MOST of the time. But occasionally she doesn't, and that's when she gets special treatment... eating al fresco! Here, with balloons to play with. And a plant to hold. Life is good when you're a little princess!

What? I must have nice environment to eat my breakfast

Friday, November 8, 2013


SE is in such a pao-pao (want to be carried) stage!

Please Mummy, pao-pao me!

Quite hard to refuse especially now she knows how to call "Mama!" first.  Plus make puppy dog eyes.


Oh well she's not going to be this small and cuddly ever again. Might as well indulge her (and myself) as much as I can!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Science Centre visit

Took the kiddos to the National Science Centre. They're too young for science, but they had such fun with the exhibits! There are plenty of levers/buttons etc to touch and press and turn and wind and see.

Various science exhibits...

Press this to see what happens...

Oo let me take this ball out!

Hey how come got so many of me?

Press this, turn that...

Also a kiddie play area that's just right for JE and SE.  No decent photos of JE as she was JUST too busy running here and there!

I will climb there next

Look! I'm hatching!

There's also a kiddy discovery section.  Again, JE just couldn't stay still enough for decent photos. The lighting is on the dim side so moving kids end up being blurs on photos! SE is slower and easier to photograph hehe.

I'm a mighty grasshopper!

Now I'm this sweet honey bee

Overall there are plenty of things to do and I liked quite a number of the exhibits. I wish it was better maintained but for the admission price of RM6 adults (RM3 for older kids), it's definitely value for money.

Can wash hands here! (Nothing worth touching in the touch pool tho!)