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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fighter cock

Make no mistake, little SE is fierce. She does what she wants and if someone tries to stop her, she BAWLS. Real loudly too. My mum says this one is a fighter cock!

Here she is blithely ignoring my calls to come in and change her shoes.

No, I don't hear Mummy calling

And trying to get her to go back after playing outside.

No, I.DON'

She's small and cute now.  Worst case, we can just lift and carry her (bawling away) to wherever she's supposed to be.  Bet she won't be easy to handle when she's bigger though!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

No school yet

After some agonising, we have decided not to send JE to kindy next year. She will attend only 2 years of kindy before primary school. I'd initially planned to send her together with Jensen, her cousin of the same age who will be starting next year. I do think she is ready and would enjoy/learn at kindy.  So why not?

Well... mainly because we live 45mins away from the kindy located near my parents' house. Kindy starts at 8am, so she'd need to leave our house by 7.15am.  Working backwards, she'd need to wake up around 6.30am.  This girl loves her sleep - I wake her at 8 to 8.30am these days and it's already not easy getting her up! Adjusting our lifestyle (i.e. earlier to bed and earlier to rise) isn't quite possible either. Even if I leave the office at 6pm sharp, it's over an hour before I can reach home and start making dinner. Dinner is served around 8pm and bedtime is 10.30-11pm.

Back to the topic, hubby isn't in favour of sending her to kindy yet for another reason. He says she has many school-years ahead, so let her just play for now. Which makes sense to me, actually.

So it's another year of pure PLAY for my little girl!

My hat nice or not?

Everybody twist and shout

Good day, sir!

I have prepped her that Jensen will be going to school and she will not go yet. That he will have friends, get party packs. She seems ok with it - happy that she doesn't have to get up early, doesn't have to eat fast and can still put her fingers in her mouth.

My back-up plan should she really want to attend kindy... try to get her in half-way through! Will see how. Fingers crossed that everything turns out fine. It is only ONE year of delay after all.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Climb again

I've been slightly slack in taking photos of the kids, so brought my camera when we went out for food. Ended up taking more photos of JE's backside haha.  I had to call her to come and EAT a dozen times throughout the meal!


She'll turn back, take the proffered mouthful of food and turn away to play again.

What's over there?

Aikss... what to do with this girl??

Fiddle fiddle

The important thing to me is that she does finish her food. But hopefully all this 'force feeding' doesn't affect her future eating habits. I'm thinking that soon I must get her to feed herself - maybe once she has something to do (i.e. select food, scoop into the spoon etc), the playing will reduce. As it is, she will be the very last person to finish at the meal table.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Climb up climb down

JE is hardly still. While watching TV, she holds the edge of the table/chair and jumps. While eating, she would get down and roam around, drive her car, or climb something that's available.  Trying to stop the latter habit is proving to be a challenging task. This girl just doesn't have much interest in food!

Look at me! I can climb so high!

And now the little one is following. Sigh.

Look ah, I can climb here
SE: Me too! I can climb too!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Tupperware again

I posted about my Tupperware hobby earlier... is it becoming an addiction now?  Heh. Pictured here are things NOT in the earlier post. There are more that weren't with me yet when I took these pics. And yep there are more coming. Arggh!

Most ARE being used actually. Except for the odd few that I bought just because people were clearing stocks at a good price.  Also, Tupperware tend to come in sets (of 3, 4, 5 pieces) so sometimes I don't use every single piece. But hubby is pretty good at helping himself to them too!

I do get so happy shopping for, buying, receiving and using these colourful things. :)

These are all our Mummy's tupperware

But this one is my milk bottle. *gulp*

Sunday, December 8, 2013

House in a mess

We have had workmen tramping through the house the past week, making long-delayed repairs and minor improvements. It's trying having messes everywhere and everything not in the usual place. There are also visits to shops to choose tiles, paint and whatnot. Still, I count myself lucky we didn't have to move out as hubby had feared. Also, it's nice to have the job done before CNY.

Fixing, painting, drilling, hacking...

Having small kids around is a nuisance as they do keep touching things they're not supposed to! And someone is always needing attention. It's also hard for them to nap with drilling and hacking noises. Finally resorted to putting them in the maid's room where no work is being done.

Why so dirty? Where's my doggy? How come cannot watch TV?

OKlah, I eat my blueberry waffle and don't ask anything

Looking forward to completion of the work next week!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Love steamboat

Gotta blog about this place we went to last week. People sit at a counter and take food from the conveyor belt. Typical of a sushi place... but this is steamboat! I'd thought this would be expensive since each plate contains a small amount of food, so was glad to find out it's a fixed price buffet.

My pot of soup nicely boiling away. Notice the stack of plates so far :)

Hubby was happy since he loves steamboat. JE was thrilled at the novelty and the free flow of ice-cream. SE chomped down loads of quail eggs and fish (I didn't want her eating processed food) and ice-cream (oh well, she'd eaten up her mains so some dessert won't hurt). My maid was happy she could eat all she wanted. Bottom line... everyone was happy!

I ate a lot!

Can we come again?

This is 'I love steamboat' at Kota Damansara, price RM35 for adults.