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Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Saturday

Hubby wasn't working, so I thought it would be a good day to check out the newly-opened Jusco at 1U. And also the Secret Garden. We got there nice and early. Then I realised I'd forgotten to bring Jo Ern's shoes. *smacks head*  Well it's just a visit to a mall, no point wasting money buying yet another pair of shoes right? Then Jo Ern wanted to get down to walk and cried so pitifully that... oh well, what's a few ringgit for a smile on the little one's face eh? (Note to self: Must stop forgetting to bring her shoes!!)

Wow new shoes for me AGAIN? 

Turns out the old wing of 1U isn't completely done, although Jusco is.  Hmm... doesn't seem to be all that many changes for the RM55million spent!  Still, nice to have it open again. We adjourned to BBQ Plaza, our usual lunch venue, where hubby had a new note to self:  Don't bring Jo Ern to places where eating takes a long time.  The little one was sleepy and thus super-cranky.  Grilling/boiling our food does take a while.

Thankfully Jo Ern fell asleep after lunch and we could walk around in peace.  And finally, we found the Secret Garden!  It's pretty nice, and free.  :)  I'd definitely be returning!
Can we pluck these long beans?


Went home after 1U, hubby was dead tired from our hours at the mall.  And he's the one who's a gym regular while I haven't even gone swimming since Jo Ern was born.  How come I felt perfectly fine?  Hehe.

Hubby dragged himself up to drive us for dinner at The Ship.  Good thing Jo Ern was fed beforehand coz she only wanted the small corn on the cob that came with my chicken.  Err... actually she wouldn't let go of this corn at all.  When hubby took it from her by force, she screamed and cried half the way back home. 

Haha... all in all, it was a good day!  I do love having a little girl.  Lalalaalaaaaa.

I like like like this corn!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ah Kong's Birthday

Happy birthday to Ah Kong

Happy birthday to Ah Kong again

We celebrated my father's birthday last weekend.  He had two cakes - the first on the actual day and the second on the next.  Somehow my sis was not invited for the first cake, heh.  It was tiramisu and none of the kids liked it.

Birthday dinner was at Nonya Imperial in Puchong. Food was all right and the price was reasonable. The main reason we went was to have a look at my SIL's new Math Monkey centre. Now THAT was nice. We could take off our shoes and the kids had fun messing around with the learning equipment. We adjourned there for cake after dinner.  Post another pic from there since my bro keeps asking us to promote the centre:

Looking back at my father's birthday last year, the kiddies have grown a lot and there's a new addition.  And hopefully the adults haven't aged at all!  Here's to many, many more happy birthdays to my father!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Climbing pays

I shall climb this chair

Huff huff. Wonder what I'd find at the top

Huff puff.  This is hard work for a little girl like me

Oh what have we here?

Apples, mummy, APPLES!

Hard work pays... you climb more you get more!

Enough of philosophy... *Grab*

Hehe... no reason for this post except an excuse to showcase photos.  My intention for this blog is primarily as a record of my precious girl growing up.  As long as I keep posting with photos and some commentary, it would already be better than a traditional photo album.  I already enjoy looking back at old entries and seeing a younger Jo Ern! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Genting trip 9 - durians

It's been 2 months since our last trip to Genting... quite long by our standards! We had two attractions this time: a durian buffet and a concert.  I only realised halfway that I'd had left Jo Ern's shoes at home.  Resolved to buy a pair at Genting, never mind if a bit expensive.  Checked in first, freshened up, came out of the bathroom to see this:

My shoes are not here!  Maybe I can borrow Mummy's shoes?
Ok ok MUST go and buy shoes for this new toddler!  (BTW my sandals are not dirty, they're naturally beige-coloured ahem).  It was surprisingly difficult to find a pair.  There weren't many kiddy shops.  Not all had shoes.  Then found kiddy-sized shoes were too big.  Finally found The One amongst baby shoes.  It was the one and only of its size and luckily it wasn't ugly, phew.  Mission accomplished, on to the durian buffet!
Ahh I ate durian to my heart's content.  That was only me though.  Jo Ern refused durian and only wanted mangosteen.  Hubby got into a huff when the quality and quantity of durian to our table were restricted due to insufficient supply.  He saw a few groups having more and were told they were guests from overseas.  I tried to pacify him since we already got enough and might as well enjoy the lot on the table.  But he was hopping mad, kept grumbling and eventually went off to officially complain.  Sigh.  So I sat there with Jo Ern slowly savouring the durian.  It was pretty good, really, there was Raja Kunyit too.

Blekk! This stuff is yucky. Phbth! Phbbbthh!

The result of hubby's complaining was... an invitation to come again the next day!  With a promise of 2 good durians for us.  Ahahaha!  Sometimes it pays NOT to be too accepting!

The next day, off we went to the theme park.  Genting was relatively quiet that weekend and we took a few rides without having to queue.  And this is the first time Jo Ern could walk by herself in Genting.

Walk walk. This is nice!

Walk walk walk.  I like!

That night we went for the Hokkien concert.  I joked with hubby that I was leaving if they sang the 'Sky Black Black' song.  I only planned to stay a while.  Once Jo Ern fussed I'd take her out since I'm not keen on Hokkien songs anyway.  To our surprise, Jo Ern behaved perfectly!  She sat there eating her snacks and drinking her water, occasionally pointing to the stage or lights.  She babbled to herself, clapped sometimes and even stood up and swayed a bit.  We were able to stay till the end.  Well, almost the end... hubby thought the show was finished at 10pm when there was actually one more singer to go.  Hehe.  The show wasn't too bad - with 5 singers (we watched 4) and dancers for each song, it was quite entertaining.  We were lucky to get end seats and placed Jo Ern's stroller beside.  Hmm if we could get the same arrangement next time, we could attend more such concerts. It was only the next day that I noticed the printing on the tickets - separate tickets are needed for children of all ages including infants!  

This singer has a good voice. The dancers are not bad either.

Well done!  Bravo!

Final morning, headed to the pool after many trips of planning to go.  Hubby was always afraid Jo Ern would catch a chill.  Or else there'd be no time or Jo Ern would be sleepy/hungry.  This time, had a soak in the hot jacuzzi pool.  Overall, this was a good trip.  :)

This hot water is lovely. But they put too many bubbles

Thursday, August 11, 2011

One milk feed

Just how tough is it to feed Jo Ern?  Let me present photos from ONE milk feed.  Total in milk bottle, 4.5oz.

Read book ok? Drink milk and read book

Book dowan already... ok press buttons and listen to radio

Radio dowan already... here, pull apart this ball and put back together

Ball dowan already... ok play with this pen. Can click up and down

*Faint*  At least the toys I buy do have some use! 

Yes yes I know kids are supposed to eat when hungry.  But Jo Ern is underweight and if she inherited hubby's genes, well if he's engrossed in something, he can go a whole day without eating.  Our paedi says this is a critical growth stage so I dare not let Jo Ern dictate her own diet.  There are very few foods she likes enough to eat without prompting, and she is quickly bored.  She wolves down sweet potato, Mummy gets excited and goes out to buy more, and next day she doesn't like sweet potato any more.  Sigh.  My mission remains to get as much food into her as I can!  Then hopefully the paedi won't shake her head during our next visit...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Verbal skills

The correct question is... WHAT verbal skills?!  Heh.  People ask if Jo Ern can say Papa or Mummy.  Actually, about the only word she says is 'Dog'.  So the family pet takes precedence over all humans!  She isn't very discriminating though.  Although our real dog is always correctly called 'Dog', almost everything else can be 'Dog' too.

Dog!  Dog!

Like she had a fun time playing with a friend's cat recently... and repeatedly calling the poor creature 'Dog!'  Recently she does seem to be trying out other sounds.  When I said 'bear', she said a short 'berk'.  When I said 'cat', I thought she said a short 'kerk'.  But it could be purely my imagination.  At 16 months it's still too early to worry... fingers crossed though!

Well, I can always point to what I want

Friday, August 5, 2011

Toddler at the mall

I love how Jo Ern is making experiences better for me.  When we do something that is a first for her, I am always slightly excited in anticipation of her reaction.  Like a simple outing to a shopping mall - when it's with a toddler who is walking on her own for the first time, it feels super special!  I kept reminiscing how she had always been in a stroller before this - at first only lying down, then sitting up and later even standing.  I marvelled at having MY little daughter toddling alongside.  I delighted at the fun she was having. And of course I whipped out the camera and snapped.

Front display is fine.  Check and see what's behind... 

Wait Papa, I pick a nice shirt for you

Rest a bit first. I've walked a lot, you know

Monday, August 1, 2011


These are Papa's expensive chocolates imported from Japan?

Nah, they look ordinary. I will throw them around and play with them

What expensive camera? This thing on a string?

One fine day she will learn the value of money.  Until that day, just have to keep expensive items out of  reach.  Which explains why the higher horizontal surfaces in my house are chock-full of unrelated stuff!  It can be rather difficult locating something these days.