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Saturday, November 21, 2020


 Lazy evenings indoors.

Happily snacking and watching TV

Su Ern that is a carpet, not a blanket!

Move? But we're perfectly comfortable.

Nope, she refuses to come out of that carpet roll.

Thursday, November 19, 2020


What to do during MCO on weekends when we are stuck in our apartment?  We go cafe-hopping.  I'm not 100% sure this is allowed as the rules aren't too clear.  There is the 2 pax limit per car (just revised to 3 pax) - check, we get there on foot so not in a car.  Max person per table - check, and shop says ok.  SOPs all followed. 

However there's also the guideline that people leave the house only to buy essentials.  Then again dine-in is allowed (unlike the original MCO). So....??  Oh we just go lah.

I will stir. No!  I will stir!!

Check out the taste. Mmmm

Not cheap though heh.  Two drinks and a piece of cake cost RM40 which can easily buy us lunch instead.

Another day...

Food, drinks... ready

JE is already asking to go again this coming weekend.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

The talker

The small one always dreams at night and remembers them well enough to tell all about them in the morning.  In detail.

In my dream, we were all at this place

We were dressed in pyjamas, I don't know why hahaha

Then this and that and this and that happened... blablabla

Mama? Are you listening?

Ok tell me what happened in my dream

Or course, I had stopped listening quite some time ago!

Monday, November 9, 2020


Managed to redeem these 3 doughnuts from an app.  So pleased there wasn't any trouble getting them!  I was planning to get one for myself but ended up with cute ones all for the kids.  I got them in the morning on the way to work since the outlet would be way on the other side of the highway on my journey home.  And spent the day thinking how happy my kiddos would be to see them that night!  Haha. 

Yep they went WOW!!  We hardly buy pretty doughnuts, it has been many months since the outlet we pass by has closed, and that outlet didn't have cutie types.

Doughnuts all for us

Love moments like these!

Thursday, November 5, 2020


Yes there's a 2-pax limit in the car for this CMCO in Selangor.  Luckily there are no roadblocks in the small area we travel around in.  Took the kids for fresh air last weekend to the nearby "goose pond".  This is privately owned by a datuk who doesn't mind people traipsing all over his property.  I was prepared for the place being closed up for CMCO but it was fine. 

Check out my dancing, cat

Waggle waggle butt 
SE: Aiyo what kind of dancing is this

What cat, you don't like my dancing?

SE found a heart-shaped leaf.

Nice, right?

These kids complain hot lah, scary lah, don't want to climb lah... well since I'd made the effort to drag them out, decided to hang around longer!

Mummy! So steep here! Want go back!

Overall they did enjoy the little break out.  And messing around with all kinds of stuff.

Plucking something

Monday, November 2, 2020


One good thing about MCO is not having to go to school, to work.  Which accounts for a lot of extra time a day actually.  Working from home saves me easily 2.5 to 3 hours a day.

The kids get to sleep later and wake up later.

Sun's up and still zzzz. JE is upside down. Wait the small one looks...

All tangled up!  Hahaha

My kids move a lot in their sleep.  I frequently get a hand, an elbow, a knee, a head thrown at me in the middle of the night.