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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Seaweed snack

Being the only snack we made this year!  Normally I'd have a few types going as I want to make CNY more memorable for the girls.  This year the pineapple jam was ready, but after that we couldn't go home for a month due to the movement control order.  I'd planned to finish making the pineapple jam balls at my parents' place.  Then the CNY SOP was announced and we were going home for CNY.  So I decided to finish off the pineapple ones at home instead since we'd have a few days home with literally nowhere to go.

Then last minute our neighbour gave us a tub of pineapple tarts. To avoid an overdose of pineapple (some more we wouldn't be having visitors), the pineapple jam is now still safe in the freezer haha.  Will get to it another time.

So we just made these seaweed crackers.  I forgot our usual amount was a 40-pc pack of springroll skin and 2 packs of 10-pc seaweed.... went and bought double. :)  Got to 150% before realising the 'problem'!  It was so funny... we were wondering how come it was taking so long and there was still so much springroll skin left.


Crunch crunch

Luckily this snack is a popular one.  Finished off yesterday, 28 Feb.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Space invaders

So I have challenges with SE sleeping next to me.  Sometimes they swap places and JE isn't better either.  Snapped this picture after I returned from the toilet.  JE has rolled herself right into my spot.  Leaving her pink furry soft toy to occupy HER spot.  And SE's leg is on the bed as well.

I console myself that one day, I will really miss having my kids being young and invading my space.

Luckily I wasn't planning on sleeping more.



Wednesday, February 17, 2021

CNY Days 2 and 3

CNY Day2 was our scheduled family Zoom meet.  What fun right?  We aren't a VERY multi-national family but some do live in Canada and Singapore.  And of course now that we can't travel within Malaysia, this was the perfect situation for a virtual meeting.  Perfect timing also since we have been forced this last year to be familiar with such tools. 

So it felt a little awkward at first, and noisy, but overall it was nice to be able to catch up.  I haven't seen some of them for many years.  For sure I wouldn't be able to recognise the kids if I were to bump into them on the street.

Zoom meet

Day3... arranged a dinner with my side of the family.  We were debating about SOPs.  Technically we don't live in the same house, but we meet often.  So, hmm.  Went for the middle ground and only met up with my brother's side of the family.  Sis came over after dinner.  


Kerabu tunghoon, grilled pork neck, green curry, pork on stick, belacan fried rice

Ordered Thai food from a FB group.  Overall it was good and will order again.  :)

Monday, February 15, 2021

CNY 2021

Happy Ox-picious year to all!

We had only 2 guests for the reunion dinner.  The others either live too far away and/or have too many people to transport.  Hubby insisted on having a lot of food anyway since it was CNY.  Checking back, this is at least the 3rd CNY I have not cooked at all.  Hubby directs the operations with our maid taking care of the execution.  Oh well, lazy me isn't complaining.

Steamed soy sauce fish, fried chicken, wine prawns, braised pork, roast pork, mixed veg, yee sang, lotus root soup...  not a bad spread although a few dishes were over-salty this time.

Happy CNY!

CNY Day1:  We couldn't go to malls this time, so just dressed up and took photos at home haha.  Well I had bought JE a cheongsam and didn't want it to go to waste.  SE was offered a cheongsam too but she didn't want one and was happy to wear JE's from last year.

Greetings from our house!

And outside our house

Just me and my girls

 Hopefully next CNY will be back to normal.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

CNY's coming

The 'loneliest CNY ever' was the caption my friend put on her pictures of 1u deco.  Indeed.  None of the usual feasting and merry-making.  In fact, it was almost no celebrations at all, with authorities proclaiming CNY reunion dinner was only to be eaten with other residents of the same house.  Luckily it has just been loosened slightly to 15 pax maximum with travel within 10km.  I'm still hoping for a relaxation of the 2pax/car rule so we wouldn't need so many trips to ferry everyone from apartment back to house.

Well we will make do somehow. At least we have.... cookies!  Collected a batch ordered from the girls' tuition teacher who makes good ones.  It was nearing bedtime so I said choose one to open.

Open this first! No this one first!

But I want this one! No, let's try THIS one!

In the end I let them choose two.  And actually I also couldn't wait to eat hehe.  Let the nom-ming begin!

Nom nom nom

Eyes glued to the TV

I didn't pay attention to them for a while.  Finally realised the naughty one was eating the jam part only of the strawberry cookies.  Made her pose with the results of her crime.

Eyes still glued to the TV

 Bring on the feasting! (And let the dieting.... come later)

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Food at home

Belated post... pictures are at our dining table at home.  We have not been home for almost a month since the start of MCO 2.0.  Our house is only 40mins away from our apartment, so it's the 2 max/car rule that's keeping us grounded.  We travelled back just once when hubby drove over to fetch one kid, I fetched one kid and we left our maid behind at my parents' place. 

What we normally eat at home... dishes with rice with soup for the kids.  Rice is blue courtesy of our butterfly pea plant.  Usually dishes are 1 meat and 1 veg, sometimes more for some reason.  Like leftovers or there not being enough of one dish.

Dishes with rice

Recently our maid got into mixing items resulting in pretty good cafe-style meals.

Hot dog with smoked duck pasta

Home-made patty bun with aglio olio pasta

I do like being in my apartment, but wouldn't mind being able to travel home again.