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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Accidental selfie

On a similar topic as my previous post.  The small one isn't allowed to hold the camera by herself. True to form, she doesn't let restrictions set by other people to hold her back (In other words, she does whatever she wants haha).  So I found a few photos of my handbag on the floor.  I knew it was SE as she'd been pulling my bag to the floor lately and rifling through it.  Also JE was with me around the time of the crime.

The photos of my bag were followed by this picture of part of the bag... together with part of a little fat foot:

Now whose foot is that?

Me: Who was playing with Mummy's handbag just now? (Kiddos have been warned not to as I don't want important stuff to go missing)
SE:  Erm, dunno
Me:  Ha, I see there's one photo here with somebody's foot.  Now... whose foot looks like this?
SE:  I think, Jo-jo

So I made a show of checking the photo against our respective feet.  My foot?  No, too big. JE's?  No, too big. SE's? Ah-hah!

Me: Heyy!  I think this is Su Ern's foot!  Su Ern, did you play with Mummy's handbag?  How come there's a picture of your foot next to my bag??

After a few moments of trying to evade, she came up with a master stroke.

SE:  Jo-jo took the picture.

After thinking a while, I realised her testimony was brilliant.  It threw doubt on the case, there was really no absolute proof of the criminal's identity.  Case closed for lack of evidence. Suspect walks off scot-free.

OK thanks, bye

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Look who has learnt a new skill. :)  Nope, it wasn't from me.



With my pal Doggy

Stay cool, babes

Caught in the act haha.  She's climbing all over the stair banisters these days.  I have sternly warned her against doing that on the second floor ones, which are in the same style.  She said she won't do that as it's too scary.  But wonder if I should install a net or something just in case?


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

More CNY pics

The first day of CNY, we went to 1u mall as usual.  This year we were to have dinner on the same day at my parents' place (normally this will be on a later day).  But decided to take the kids out since other days hubby had various meet-ups lined up with various friends - make hay while the sun shines!

Made them take a photo

JE had some popcorn samples the staff were handing out.  She wanted more, asked from the Papa and got what she wanted.

Lots of popcorn for me!

Many shops were closed for CNY so we just had lunch at Johnny's steamboat.


As expected we were tired out after our outing!  Went home, had a nap and had to dig ourselves out for dinner.  Arrived at my parents' place NOT late for dinner.  Which was mostly because my mum had forgotten to press 'Cook' on the rice cooker haha.  Had time to take a few photos - focussed on the girls since they were wearing the dresses my mum made them for CNY.

Say Gong xi gong xi...

Pretty maids all in a row - ages 3, 4, 5, 7

The next day (CNY Day2) we 'opened the year' with MIL.  She is 94 already.

Happy new year with Mah Mah

That night was dinner out with some of hubby's side of the family.  Took a photo with the 'God of Prosperity'.

SE maintained this stiff pose throughout

Phew I was tired after the cooking/hosting of CNY eve, the mall outing+dinner on Day1 and then the lunch+dinner on Day2!  Was rather glad that the rest of CNY was more relaxing haha.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

CNY 2016

Happy CNY, everyone!  Took a week off without internet. :)

Gong Xi Fa Cai from us!

Made some munchies... peanut cookies (note to self:  Next time buy peanuts with skin, those are more fragrant even though more work to remove skin), seaweed crackers, kuih bangkit (it was a disaster - must throw away recipe and try another in the future) and dried meat cookies.

This is what Mummy made

CNY eve dinner: Menu for 10 adults and 4 kids

1. Yee sang (purchased)
2. Steamed big pomfret with preserved olives topping
3. Salt n pepper prawns
4. Signature pork (3.5kg is a scary quantity, Next time make 2.5kg enough)
5. Soy sauce ginger duck
6. Stir-fried broccoli and carrot
7. Waxed duck
8. Lotus root soup

From top left: Huge wok of pork, salt n pepper prawns, 
soy duck and SOMEBODY naughty

SOMEBODY didn't appreciate all my hard work... ate very slowly and decided to lie down before finishing her food.

Huat ah!

More pics to come. :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

So full!

My girls don't stop moving when we go out for meals!  The moment we sit down, they start to play with the salt and pepper, napkins, cutlery etc etc. Snapped these shots last week...

Pepper the napkin!


Salt the napkin! Hehehee!

JE was doing the same thing too.  Sigh.

But they were both very happy.

SE announced at the end of the meal, I am so full of eating!!  Haha.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Lego by the kids

I do love these colourful bricks! There are so many worse ways to spend money hehe.  I'm happy when the kiddos spend time building with Lego. And when JE finds new ways to attach the pieces. I like what JE came up with on the magnets below.  There's an amorous guy, a fly holding a fish, a sheriff with a flower stuck to his torchlight, a trio of bandits and police, a custard pie stuck onto a crab.

On the fridge

 Last weekend she made this...


This is Bumblebee girl enjoying her day

The small one insisted that she be photographed with her creation as well.


This is errmm...  something