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Monday, July 30, 2018


SE plays with EVERYTHING.  She will NOT drink quietly from a straw, she must take it out a few times, suck on the end, etc.  Which of course results in the drink dripping everywhere.

Mummy says cannot take the straw out

Hmm how much more in there?
(Me: I said don't take the straw out!!)

Look, my tooth is in the straw!


Heh ok, her little baby tooth can actually fit inside a straw!

On another note, this kid is rather fidgety.  When we're reading, she would be constantly shifting her sitting position, touching the book, (trying to) fold the pages...  I'm getting some fidget toys for her.  Maybe when her fingers are busy on the toys, they won't be causing mischief elsewhere!

Friday, July 27, 2018


SE is stubborn and sometimes we have to get creative to solve the problem. My maid tends to shout  to try to force her.  But I notice that makes things worse as SE will just dig in her heels and refuse to budge.

That happened when SE didn't want to finish her lunch.  Kakak spoke angrily to her, which made her push her food far away.

No, don't want


I came over and fed her like a baby.  All done in just, oh, 10 mins.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Neighbourhood Raya session

It has been a busy week for me at work.  Looks like it will continue for at least another week.  Posting up some pictures from last weekend.  The property developer at our new apartment had a Hari Raya session.  So we dropped by.

Had some food... the kids happily got an ice-cream each after that.  After a few licks, SE decided she was too full to finish it so JE took over.

Two ice-creams for me?

There were also some free activities.

Photo booth

Our favourite was batik painting!

I did these!

And I did these!

I did three of that, heh.  SE could have done one more except she was too busy complaining the picture she liked was no longer available.  Nice to have these all for free.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Report card day

I went to get JE's report card last week.  Her results are about the same as the previous year - roughly in the top third.  (I used to do much better myself, but that was NOT a Chinese school!)  I'm just happy JE is coping well enough.

She looks forward to report card days. Coz Mummy will take her to the canteen and buy her what she wants to eat/drink.  Then we will go to the book sale part, which they always organise to coincide with report card days, to buy some stuff.

Oreos and a strawberry drink

The actual meeting with the teacher was short, also like in the previous year.  I don't speak Mandarin, I don't trust my Cantonese and it'd be weird to be speaking in Malay.  So halting English it was and that was the whole reason why it was a short one haha.  JE is well-behaved anyway so there are no complaints.  Only an encouragement for her to speak up more in school.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Ikea visit

When we go to Ikea with the kids, the visit is not such a relaxing one.  The kids will STICK everywhere and it takes effort to get them to MOVE.

JE: Check out this oven
Me: We are not buying ovens. Let's go

SE: Don't forget to check that also
Me: Oi come let's go. We are not buying anything here 

SE: Check the fridge
Me: COME!!

Repeat that many times, all over Ikea.  They must go touch, open, pull out, fiddle with, sit, lie down, play...


Oh all right fine.  Since that poseable human figure does look interesting, let her buy it.  She calls it "Mr Guy-guy".

Let's type something, Mr Guy-guy

The world is a playground indeed, through the eyes of kids.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Apartment again

We have stayed a few times now at our apartment.  After the benchmark of the first night, it can only get better!

Checked out the swimming pool area.  This is the jacuzzi pool:



The kids love the pool. That was during Raya time though, when nobody else was around.  Hubby said he saw the pool FULL when he was there earlier.  Must go again to see the trend.  Thing is, for normal weekdays, we don't have time to go.