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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Naughty - Part 2

So I decided she can't be winning ALL the time. Lately she's been dawdling over food. She would keep food in her cheek and can take a whole hour for meals. Last weekend, I wanted her to finish her portion of fruit - oh, 8 or 9 bite-sized pieces - before we went out for roti canai. Kiddo was still on her first piece after 15 mins. Told her to eat faster or we would go without her.  She swallowed that piece after 5mins. But the next piece followed the same pattern of going into the cheek. Told her we will go and pack a roti for her. She said no, no, she wanted to go too. Waited another 10mins, the second piece of fruit was still in her cheek.  OK that was it.

We left without her. Kiddo bawled. But I figured this was a good training occasion since we really didn't have to take her along.

Mummy naughty!

Jo-jo naughty!

When we got back (with a piece of roti for her), decided it was debrief time.

Me: Su Ern, next time you want to come to the roti shop?
SE: *Nod nod*
Me: How come you didn't come with us today?
SE: Be-coh, kakak Gen naughty
Me: Hmm? Why kakak Gen naughty??
SE: Be-coh, kakak Gen say, Su Ern you don't go.

Gngngnnnnn how to get through to this hard nut?? It's always somebody else who is the 'naughty' one!

Kakak naughty!

But as hubby pointed out, somehow he is never accused. Hah what a little suck-up... yeap she might make it as a politician one day.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Naughty - Part 1

SE had always exhibited a stubborn streak. Added to that, she is always sure that her way is right.  Anyone who blocks her from her way is bad. (OK while typing this I think she might be quite a good politician!).

If asked to do something, she dawdles/distracts/runs away and/or flat out refuses to do it.

If threatened to do it or she will get disciplined, she bawls. And doesn't do it.

If given an incentive to do something, she doesn't do it and expects the incentive anyway.

If smacked, she bawls and goes to complain to somebody else.

SE: Papaaaa.. Mummy naughty!
Hubby: Why, what happened?
SE: Mummy beat me! 
Hubby: Why Mummy beat you
SE: Be-coh... waaa waaaaa... Mummy naughty!
And cuddles up against hubby, glaring daggers at me.

Mummy naughty

Mummy ih so, so naughty

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Shopping list

I always need a list for grocery shopping, or I'd be sure to forget something.

That list always seems to get doctored.

Write write write

Very often, I would seemingly need to buy a Jo Ern, a Su Ern and this particular turtle. (The butterfly below features for the first time.)


Must go and dig up some other shopping lists hehe.

Sunday, January 17, 2016


This is how I go shopping for groceries these days.  Both kids go into the trolley, where they will entertain themselves by blowing plastic bags into balloons, fiddling with stuff placed into the trolley and also talking non-stop.  Our maid pushes the trolley. That leaves me to select and bag groceries. But we typically need to drop everything at least once to walk all the way to the toilets outside the supermarket.  Also, kids will only stay in the trolley for a certain amount of time, after which they will demand to be let down.  Then it's more of a headache keeping tabs on them (each WILL walk off in different directions), pushing the trolley AND trying to shop.

The trolley is not all that safe either.  Once both of them leaned the same way to reach a display and the whole trolley crashed to the floor. JE was fine but shaken. SE got her leg grazed slightly and bawled. I was rather embarrassed by the ensuing attention from caring shoppers in the vicinity. But very thankful that there was no permanent damage.

We're doing shopping!

Hubby?  He would be off somewhere looking at his own things, not necessarily in the supermarket itself.  I call him when almost done.  If I should sound frazzled, he asks, "You have the maid to take care of the kids, what's the problem??'  Grrrr.

We're helping Mummy shop, actually

Thursday, January 14, 2016


One of my tactics to get them away from the TV.  This one has a bubble blaster gun.... trust hubby to buy an expensive one.

Just pull the trigger...

And I get LOTS of bubbles!

This one is doing it the good 'ol fashioned way.


But... erm gahh just look at her hand, shirt and that beard.

What? What's wrong?

Monday, January 11, 2016

Su Ya still

SE used to call herself Su Ya (this old post). She has been saying her own name correctly for over a year now. But "Su Ya" isn't gone. As our maid started using "Su Ya" on SE whenever she misbehaves.

Looking at the mess left by the little one... Where is that Su Ya?  (SE will be pretending to be busy elsewhere. Nope she doesn't clean up!)

When SE is naughty... You are so Su Ya!

Sometimes SE retaliates. No, YOU are Su Ya!

Hubby: Who is Su Ya?

SE: Kakak Gen.

Since she misbehaves so much, "Su Ya" is still very much around. Now, how come she can look so sweet and demure...

Su Ya?

That is NOT me

Thursday, January 7, 2016


I sometimes feel like I'm living in a babel zone. At the very same time:

Hubby:  Economy is so bad these days and these people are only focused on making money for themselves! Bla bla bla goes into criticism of politicans in general and specifically.

SE: See Mummy? I colour thih rabbit to be purple. Then I colour the jacket to be le-llo.  See Mummy? MUMMY!! Bla bla bla into details of her colouring.

JE: Mummy, the Avatar show, I like Katara the best. Coz she is pretty and she can do water bending. Like this *whoosh... bla bla bla goes into long story.
And yes, I am expected by all three parties to attend to them! Failure to show complete attention to each individual will result in
1) Hubby going into a huff and refusing to talk any more
2) Louder and louder cries of "Mummy!, MUMMY! MUM-MEEE!!!" from SE
3) Softer but insistent query "Mummy, are you listening? MUMMY!?" from JE

Gahh. I should start a queue system. Except I know for sure it won't work with any of the three.

The three on the left... are the difficult people

Monday, January 4, 2016

Playground confrontation

Woo 2016 already?  Happy new year everyone!  :)

I have tons of work to clear still, hopefully will get manageable soon.  Just to recount something that amused me recently.

At the McDonalds playground, a boy came in front of SE, looked at her and went, "Mmrrghh!" in an arrogant manner. Probably trying to show her who's boss. And her reply?

She took a breath, and then went, "MMrrrgggHHHHH!".  The boy then went away.

I believe she just won her first playground confrontation.  :)

Don't mess with me, I say!