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Thursday, May 31, 2018


Kids' birthdays are so fun this year!  This time it was cousin Jayden's birthday celebration. 

First time for my girls at the bowling alley.


How to hold this ball?

Luckily this bowling alley has something to cover the "longkang"/drain or practically all the shots will be zero hehe.  As it was, the ball would just bounce off the "drain cover" and roll over to the other side and so on until it reaches the skittles.

JE loved it and was lucky enough to get one strike.  SE got mad when she couldn't hit as many as she wanted.

SE:  Don't like Jojo.  Snake and ladder also she win, bowling also she win. Don't like Jojo A LOT!

And tried to hit JE.  Hehe what to do with this little one.  Just told her that Jojo is older, when you play games sometimes you lose yada yada. 

My turn again

I LOVE bowling

JE keeps asking to go bowling again. 

Monday, May 28, 2018


The election is over now, but what an exciting time it was!

Just to note here what JE said in the run-up to the election, while watching some related interviews on the TV news.

JE:  If I were to vote, I will vote for people from this group. They are so handsome

Hehehe.  She got shy when I repeated what she said to others.

Let me check if the handsome people won

Friday, May 25, 2018

SE's reading

It has been a few months now since we started, and I'm happy to report that there HAS BEEN PROGRESS!  Yay!

Initially it was such an uphill task.  And I suspected she was simply memorising some of the words that she 'read', by the pictures on that page.  Now she DOES obviously recognise words.

There's still much progress to be made.  But in her own words, now I am a little bit good at reading.

Sad Dad Bad Had

Phew.  Erm but this is only in English.  There is also Bahasa, and Mandarin, and her mathematics apparently needs attention too.  Aisshh.  Never mind, we take it one step at a time.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Durian anyone?

This one likes durian:

Mmm durian!

Come, come to me

The other one doesn't:

*Sits far far away

Get me out of here

Hehe.  Got SE a fresh coconut and she was happier.  SE totally doesn't like strong smells.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Mother's day at KLCC park

On Mother's day 2018, my mother is on a cruise in Spain.  And MIL passed on last year.  Which leaves ME as the next in line. Heheheh.  And what was my plan to celebrate?  Take the kids to KLCC park haha (somehow it always end up about THEM when I choose!).  We went two years ago so it's about time for a revisit.

Nice fountain but where's the playground?

The playground was as huge as I remembered it.  Playground set after playground set in a well-planned landscape with ramps and steps connecting each area.


Another one!

Let's try to climb this thing

And now we sliiiide!

That kind of scale is tough for photo-taking though, as each photo captures such a small part of the whole. 

The kids moved on to the water area after the playground.  They always love water!

Take a shower!



It started raining after a while, which was perfect timing since it was lunch time.  Cleaned up the kiddos and had lunch at Madam Kwan's.

Raindrops keep falling on my head

This photo is blurred... it's a Mother's day card from SE.  Who had to point out "Jojo didn't bother to make a card. She is so lazy".  Heheh.

"Love Mama" from SE

Asked the kids whether they enjoyed the playground and water park, and they said "A little bit".  Whaaatttt.  OK we aren't going back there anytime soon then!  Parking there is expensive, it's a bit far, and hubby always prefers air-conditioned places.

Monday, May 14, 2018

SE is 6!

We went to 1u after elections in the morning.  The day started off well enough. 

She wanted to wear the "koala shirt".  Aww.  Seriously, this is the ONLY matching clothing I have with the kids.  I bought mine in Oz while working there, and saw someone selling the small version some years later.  SE is already outgrowing hers so it's nice she wanted to match Mummy on her birthday.

Mummy koala and Baby koala

SE knew she wanted a Barbie doll and quickly made her choice.

I like THIS one

After some time she remembered JE had picked a bunch of presents. Her Barbie wasn't that expensive so I suggested getting something small in Smiggle.

Hmm then things started to unravel.  JE, despite having picked 3 presents earlier from ToysRus, hadn't been too happy with her choices.  So I told her she could pick something small from Smiggle too.  Unfortunately SE ended up picking ONE thing and JE picked TWO things.  At which SE was extremely upset... why should Jo Ern get TWO things when it's MY birthday?!!  And started screaming and throwing a tantrum.

So we went to Hamleys and she was interested in a few things... which I didn't let her buy.  Toys are  expensive and I didn't want her getting things likely to end up underused.  Hubby bought her something small.  Which she didn't like much, so...

Next was Home's Harmony and she picked a cat soft toy.  Phew, luckily that did it.  By that time we'd spent quite some time in the various shops and I was ready to leave.  Then at the last minute, remembered that we hadn't gotten a birthday cake.  Haha... it was way back to the other end of the big mall for it.

Blow my 6 candles

With my family!

Happy birthday to Su Ern!

Note to self:  Next time only the birthday girl gets to choose presents.  And only from ONE place.  Ok maximum of two places.

Monday, May 7, 2018

SE's birthday celebration

This year the girls are both lucky - JE's birthday was on the 'Ching Ming' day so no school.  SE's birthday will be on election day, no school for her either!

The bar has been set high for birthday celebrations.  And just like JE earlier, SE also gets an "activity" day and another celebration on her actual birthday. 

The plan was to visit the National Science Centre in the morning, then McDonald's for lunch.

We are all dressed up with someone to go!

Roll call before going in...

As usual, the science centre was lots of fun for the kids.  Even better when their cousins are around.  Although this grumpy-pot SE was almost in tears a few times when she couldn't get to play...

SE: (coming over to hug me) Mummy... my birthday is SO BAD.
SE: Everyone keep taking what I want

Well my dear girl, you have to learn to wait for your turn.

More fun when you have playmates

Tongues OUT!

Overall I'm sure she still had fun.  It was a super-hot day or we could have visited the (outdoor) water plaza.  Oh well, another time.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Hula hoop

JE and SE play all the time.  Even when it's just a hula hoop.

JE: Ready?
SE: Ready when you are

And off we go!

SE: I think Jo Ern "poot-poot" (farted)

I'm glad I have two kids so they can entertain each other!  Hehe.