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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Walking in other shoes

Jo Ern loves to drink water from other people's containers. People at my parents' place, both big and small, use water-bottles.  Jo Ern knows exactly which ones belong to whom and will frequently bring the correct bottle to its owner.  Just as frequently she will open the bottle and drink from it herself.

She also loves to wear shoes belonging to other people.  Here are some photos of this hobby...

Do you like my outfit?
(dress, pants retained from CNY outfit in case of mosquitos and not-her-sneakers)

Just whistle while you work...

Rest a while then walk some more

Which pair will suit me better?

Wait wait, I put on some more shoes first

The funny thing is, she has no problem walking in the shoes whatever the style or size.  Even while wearing BOTH her own and not-her-own shoes at the same time!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

CNY 2012

CNY for me started with preparing the reunion dinner for 10 big people and 1 little one.  Food turned out ok, phew!  Fish turned out good and there were compliments for the prawn+mince combo and ginger-scallion sauce.

Menu for future reference:

1. Steamed tau-tai fish in soy sauce (fish cost a bomb! forgot to take pic)
2. Roast chinese-style chicken with ginger-scallion dip
3. Prawns wrapped with minced pork
4. Stirfried assorted veg with meatballs
5. Roast pork
6. Lotus root-pork ribs soup, done by hubby
7. Lap mei farn, contributed by guest
8. Steamed big prawns, contributed by guest
9. Home-fried prawn crackers as an additional snack

Prawns with mince, roast chicken, lap mei farn, veg with meatballs

I was tired upon sitting down to dinner.  Hubby too, actually.  He was busy cleaning the house earlier.  Guess we're just too 'kancheong' as hosts! I noticed that my SIL can prepare food to sit down to, with more later to accompany alcohol (hubby's family are big drinkers) and she's still fine to chat and enjoy the session.  

Hubby was suggesting taking away a 'poon choy' instead of cooking.  Maybe next year when there are more little ones around, heh.

Some pictures of Jo Ern in CNY clothes... there is still one more outfit that I can't seem to find any time for!

Wear nice-nice and eat sweet. Hair wet coz just pom-pom
Wear nice-nice and play with tongue

Wear nice-nice and play with cigar

Err and no, she can't wear nice-nice and just STAND nice-nice for photos!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy CNY!

Jo Ern would like to wish everyone a happy new y...

Don't wanna wear this! Take it off!

Err I mean, Jo Ern would like to...

Take it off!

Jo Ern would really like to wish Gong Xi Fa Cai to every...

Off! Off!

Jo Ern! Come here and wish everyone!  And Tai ma's policy is CNY must wear red, the redder the better! 
Gongxifacai! Wish everyone very hua-hee! Hehhehe...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Overheard at breakfast

Set out a small container of cheese for Jo Ern's breakfast and made sure she was seated properly.  Told hubby, "Eat breakfast with Jo Ern ok?  Chat with her ok?" and went to roast peanuts for CNY cookies. 

Participants: Jo Ern and Hubby with grumpy early-morning look

Jo Ern: Papaaaaa (1 point)

Hubby: ----

Jo Ern: Cheese! (1 point)

Hubby: -----

Jo Ern:  Ahmm (1 point)

Hubby:  JoJo eat cheese ah (1 point)

Jo Ern:  DOG (1 point)

Hehe can change topic some more.  I stopped keeping count and focussed on my peanuts.  Jo Ern wins!

Did I win something?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Filler post: Snowy

Went to Midvalley to drop off my phone for service.  Jo Ern discovered escalators, pointing excitedly to every one she saw and walking by herself towards it.  So we rode escalators up all the floors and then down. Simple pleasures!  The mall quickly got super-packed and off home we went.  No point fighting the CNY crowd.

Oh a dog! I will call you Snowy

Take picture with my new dog

*pat pat* Good boy, Snowy!  I go off now, bye.

(Ya ya that's actually a wolf.  Don't want to get technical and confuse her!)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Genting trip 11

We almost didn't go on this trip, hubby wasn't keen as he had dinner appointments on Fri and Mon. I was though, since it's been a while since our last trip and Genting doesn't give many free stays now that hubby doesn't visit the casino much.  It was only after checking in that I found out (hubby knew all along) the free room offered was a suite!  Hello we almost threw away a stay in a suite?! 

Jo Ern wasn't walking yet the last time we stayed at Maxims.  Now, she absolutely enjoyed going in one door and coming out of another, raiding the complimentary fruit basket, climbing up the steps to the jacuzzi and generally messing about with everything.  Which means I was absolutely happy as well, heh.

This room got plum for me to eat and book to read. I like!

And a big tub to pom-pom in!

We walked around the theme park as usual.  Got balloon animals from clowns. She still doesn't like them.

Nope, dowan to smile with clown here. Nope.

Went on a few rides.   

This is me riding a big camel

But what Jo Ern liked best was the playground - no music, no motors, nothing fancy.

But this horse is way cooler!

Slides are also very fun things

Back to my horsey

Papa, wanna go play some more!

The indoor theme park was closed but Jo Ern was happy just pressing buttons on the inactive machines and moving the joystick.  She was at it for ages and kept wanting to climb up to a machine whenever we passed by.

Look, Mummy! *press press* Look!! *press press press*

I wish we could have stayed 2 nights!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An eventful morning

Just had to blog about this morning.  Left Jo Ern asleep in the bedroom while we had breakfast downstairs.  Our main concern was the dog who hadn't poopoo-ed for 5 days now.  Hubby decided to try the enema again and headed for the bedroom first... only to find Jo Ern had woken up and somehow locked the door from the inside!  We didn't even know she could REACH the lock!  And it's a not-easy-to-turn type, not the usual press-the-knob type.  Our keys were inside, as were the phones etc. 

Hubby tried to drill open the lock.  But it was the heavy-duty type (trust hubby to be kiasu in these things, heh) and the drill bit wasn't good enough.  Luckily my spare car key is kept downstairs and hubby could drive out to buy more tools.  In the meantime, tried to get Jo Ern to unlock it, but as expected she didn't know what we wanted her to do. She kept calling out "Mummy! Mummyyy! Pao-pao!'', "Kakak, kakaaak! Open!", Papa! Papaaaaa!" then started crying when nobody came to her.  Oh, my poor baby!

Hubby came back with serious tools and worked on the lock.  Metal shards flew everywhere.  But even after breaking apart the outside parts completely, the bolt remained stubbornly in the door frame!  Poor hubby was drenched in sweat, grappling with various tools as Jo Ern bawled away inside.  I was also worried she would get hurt by a flying piece of metal.

Finally, hubby did it.  We rushed in.  Found Jo Ern had gone to her bed to cry!  Well it was better that she wasn't at the door.  Quickly hugged and manja-ed her and soon she was fine.  The little one spent a good half hour in there calling and crying.

My sweaty hero and my rescued baby (who is eating something)

OK now back to the problem of the dog... haha.  Shadow is a huge German Shepherd and it isn't easy inserting enemas, getting medicine into him or even transporting him to to the vet.  Hubby gets to do all that while I thankfully take myself off to the office.  Phew.

Now can somebody attend to me please

Pom-pom outside

I left the office early last Friday since the system was down.  Went over to my parents' place where I found Jo Ern happily sitting in the 'pool' with Justin and Elyssa.  Really wished I'd brought my camera!

Taking the cue, I filled her inflatable turtle with water last weekend. She loved it! (Added more water after these pics were taken) 

Kakak! More balls!

Hehe a pear sneaked in! Hello pear!

The only problem was getting her OUT!  She absolutely refused, kicked and screamed all the way back inside, screamed while being changed and for quite some time after.  Then she kept pointing outside to where the things were drying and saying 'ball'.  I know one tip is to agree with the kid first that she needs to stop when told to etc, but Jo Ern is still too young to understand.  Guess I will just have to expect THIS for now!

Noo! Nooooo!

Next day she pointed outside and asked to 'pom-pom'.  Heh.