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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ah Kong's birthday 2016

My dad had his birthday celebration last weekend at Unique Seafood. Good thing we have blogs since I'd half forgotten this place where we celebrated my mum's birthday 2 years ago heh.

Ordered the dishes we liked... this dish below, the chilli crab, longevity noodles, lemon chicken, claypot tofu, claypot brinjal (my sis was in a claypot-y mood).

Fish and prawns in sourish lemongrass soup

No cake drama this time (previous episodes included collapsed cakes, missing candles, layers that slid off/didn't rise, cake-maker being super-late because of cake..)

Happy birthday to Ah Kong!

All together now!

Help Ah Kong cut cake

Happy birthday to my dear father!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

SE calling Papa

Hubby's F&B venture is going all right after 2 years.  He works nights so we often call him before going to bed.  SE will have her turn...

SE: Papa... can you come back?
Hubby: Come back soon
SE: Soon ih too late!


Another night:
SE: Papa can you come back?
Hubby: Soon
SE: Papa... I want you go inside your car. And drive drive so fah (fast). Becoh, I am going to thleep already.

I keep Papa's drink safe for him

She is closer to hubby now that she spends the whole morning with him after I take JE to school and go off to work. (Plus of course hubby has an endless supply of junk/snack food and keeps giving them out to the kids hehe).

Another night:
Hubby: Tomorrow Papa want to watch TV. Don't disturb Papa ok?
SE: I want Papa to watch Papa('s) Cinderella show

Hubby where got Cinderella show one... hahaha.  She just wanted to watch it herself but used his name.

Monday, August 22, 2016


I had to work in Putrajaya last week.  It was exhausting with the start time of 8.30am, the distance from my house plus the many activities to be completed once in the office.  I had to ask hubby to take JE to kindergarten or I wouldn't make it to work on time.

On Thursday night, she told me, "Today is Thursday. I'm so happy. You know why?"


"Because next week Mummy will brush teeth for me".  Hahaha.  I normally wake her up, brush her teeth and get her ready for kindergarten. So she misses me doing that for her.

My big girl who still likes being pampered

I feel needed. *Grin*  

Monday, August 15, 2016

At the playground yesterday

Took the kids to the playground yesterday.  As usual, they 'cooked' by throwing things into the broken-off posts of this piece of equipment and stirring the contents with a stick.

JE: I'm making grass flower soup
Me: Mmm sounds nice!

Me: Harr??
SE: I'm the evil queen
Me: Ohh ok

SE: Nah, eat this
Me: Err I don't feel like eating apple today

SE: OK I give you pancake
Me: Ahmm. Yummy!
SE: Actually, it's POISON PANCAKE
Me: Harr?? Argggh... die

SE: Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?
SE as Mirror: You are, my queen


Haha this little one.  When the big one was cooking nice things, she had to be the evil queen and poison me as Snow White!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

That one, THAT one!

So SE walked up to a whole display of brochures in a mall.

I want THAT one

Mummy, take THAT one for me

I can't reach it by myself, I'm still little

I want THAT one, THAT one!

Take it DOWN for me!

Kakak!! Mummy is so naughty!

Well there were plenty of brochures within her reach so why must she have that particular one?? Hehehe.  Ok ok I confess, sometimes I provoke her just to amuse myself... naughty mummy indeed. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


I've been a bit busy the last couple of days.  Still, just finished for now.  And I get to go home now to these two, yayy!

Can we go swimming?

Thursday, August 4, 2016

'S'-es are coming

SE can pronounce 'S' now.  It used to be omitted all together, or substituted with an exaggerated 'H' sound.  Thought I'd just note down what she used to say.

To describe herself:  Fayh ih round like beeh-cuit (Face is round like a biscuit)  *accompanied with a hand action circling her own face*

Asked what she wanted to eat:  Mok cheeh (Smoked cheese)

Playing with food toys: Feeh firhh then lobter (Fish first then lobster)

Scratching herself: Quaak quaak quaak (Scratch scratch scratch)

Commenting on my dad's new installed mosquito netting: The moh-kito will queeh-queeh in (The mosquito will squeeze-squeeze in)

Although she can now pronounce the 'S', sometimes she's lazy or just used to pronouncing words that way.  And for some words, only now we realise she is pronouncing wrongly.

Me:  Tesco
SE:  Teh-cos
Me:  Tesco
SE:  Tehh-COS

Haha... never knew it could be wrong coz she just used to say 'Teh-co'.

I'm schwimming, don't deeh-terb

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

1, 2.. Peace!

Saw this cardboard thing at Tesco for photographs, so thought might as well make use of it.  Directed JE there since she was around (these days, just grab the first kid I see):


Then SE came along and wanted to pose too...


Someone knows how to make the 'peace' sign now...

Wait for it, wait for it...


Not thrilled as I find this 'peace' sign WAY over used in poses!  (My MIL at 80+ was still doing it for photos hehe)