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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

JE's first school trip

JE's kindy was arranging a field trip to Sunway Wildlife park.  JE didn't want to go, said she didn't want to WALK.  I asked her multiple times to make sure.  Then since she never wavered, I figured it was fine for her to skip the trip.  Maybe she doesn't have friends she'd like to spend the day with. And apparently a number of her classmates weren't going either. We could always visit such places ourselves and I was secretly relieved not to have to worry about her safety.  This girl likes to wander off alone and I wasn't sure teachers would be able to keep tabs on her when me, hubby and maid also sometimes cannot.

Then a few days before the trip (deadline to reply way past), kindy called me to enquire if JE wanted to go as ALL her classmates were going!  So pressured her again and convinced her to say yes.

The day of the trip, I tried not to think too much whether she was ok.  Hubby went to pick her up from kindy at the stipulated time and had to go home again as the bus hadn't arrived.  I was keeping my fingers crossed that the reason for the delay WASN'T because something had happened to JE!

Then after she was safely in hubby's car, she said... "I said I didn't want to go on the school trip.  But it was..... AWESOME! (flinging both arms up)"  Haha great.  And phewww that everything turned out fine!

Received the photos and I experienced another first.... how to differentiate my child from other similarly-dressed, similar-sized kids!  One grouch:  There were so many photos of OTHER kids haha. Obviously when I take photos, I only focus on my own kids!  The only decent photos of her are here below (excepting one with a snake. I declare this blog a snake-free zone).

JE is crouching in front...

In the bus

Rabbits! I love rabbits!

Lunch, yumm

Here's to the next school trip!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Look at the camera!

The kids go through phases. JE shied away from the camera at one stage, but she's ok now. SE doesn't hide from the camera, but she's not good at looking AT it.  JE tries to help...

Look at the camera, Su Ern!

Su Ern, look at camera

Su Ern, look there!

Su Ern!

Aiyo this Su Ern

Su Ern!

NOT an easy job getting the small girl to do what you want!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Camerons Trip 2015

Now that my 9-month project is ending, finally had time for a trip. :)  This was 3d 2n in Camerons.

First up was the waterfalls halfway up the hill...

Greetings from Cameron Highlands!

JE took to it like a duck to water.  SE...  somehow got no legs when I tried to put her down.

No no no

Finally settled her down on a rock and slowly she began to enjoy herself.

JE: Love this place!
SE: Hmm maybe it's not so bad


It's the usual suspects when it comes to this place.  Next was the tea farm.

Now those are tea bushes

One for the album

Steamboat is always good in cold places!

We're having steamboat AGAIN

Fussypot SE walked around like this (covering her nose) saying 'No like the mell (smell)".  What to do, Camerons has lots of veg farms so lots of fertiliser used.  Smell included.

Butterfly farm... I generally avoid places with entrance fees coz with 3 adults and 2 kids, I might as well use the admission fare to buy something hehe.  But wanted to bring the kids for this since they'd never been.

There, there's a butterfly

Cactus farm,,,

Mummy, give me a coin!

Bought lots of strawberries, baby tomatoes and assorted vegetables.  It was a good holiday!  The girls loved the apartment too, called it 'our room'.  SE slept in the car on the way back from the waterfalls to our house.  When she opened her eyes, we were turning into our gate. Poor girl immediately started crying. "Why we come back home?  Our room is ok!  Our room is ok.... waaaaah".  Sat down at the doorway and refused to go into the house.  Heh at least that means she enjoyed our holiday too!

Thursday, May 14, 2015


We think SE might grow up to be a lawyer.

Incident 1
(SE had her finger in her mouth)
Ah Mah: Su Ern, don't put your finger in the mouth
SE moves the finger a little.
SE: I am not putting finger in the mouth. I am putting finger on my LIP.

I am innocent of all charges

Incident 2
(SE likes to press the power button on my notebook. Which obviously turns the thing off)
Me: Su Ern! Don't press that button!
SE moves her finger to hover an inch above the button
SE: I am not touching. See?  See?

Whatever you say cannot be used against me

Incident 3
(SE moves from chair to sit on the dining table)
Ah Kim: Cannot sit on the table
SE stands up, puts the back of her hand against her backside and sits down again on the table.
SE: I am not sitting on the table. I am sitting on my HAND.


There are numerous other such incidents.  She might be a lawyer.  But she definitely will be adding white hairs to my head!

Monday, May 11, 2015

SE is 3!

Su Ern turned 3 on May 9.  :)

How old am I? Let me count the candles

Had a simple do at home - cooked some food, bought some food.

Selection of the food. Ah Mah is obviously the first one seated!

The kids had their dinner at this useful table as usual:

1,2,3,4,5,6,7. Ok all present.

I absolutely forgot about our customary family photo until half the cake had been distributed. 

Photo with half cake :)
SE: How old am I? I know this...

How old am I, come on come on

I know! I am THREE years old!

Happy birthday to my loud, cute and very precious girl!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

City kid

This kiddo... is currently a city kid.  What she likes is sitting in front of the TV. Or go to air-conditioned malls - preferably sitting in a stroller pushed by kakak so she can travel in even more comfort.

When we say we're going to the market, she'd whine to stay home.  Her school trip is to a wildlife park and she doesn't want to go - said she doesn't want to WALK.

Yesterday we went plant-hunting at the nurseries. And sure enough, lots of complaints from this one. Must have heard 'I want to go hommmme', oh, 20 times?

It's so hot. I want to go home

Papa I want to go home

I'm not much of an outdoorsy person myself, but I do like plants and nature. It's so hard getting her out of the house. Oh, hubby isn't much help.  When I finally drag her outside, he will shout out "Eh come inside!  Got mosquitos. After get dengue then you know".  Sigh... how like that?