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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eating adventure: Starting

I have a chair... ahmmm
Checked out Nestle baby foods. Looks OK but all varieties contain cow's milk. Snob mummy decides to keep to human milk for now. Heh.
1st try
Hubby was sick so didn't manage to visit Ikea for a high chair. Got hubby to hold Jo Ern while I fed her. First meal, brown rice pureed with milk. No interest from baby subject. Human chair impatient to get back to his computer. Rating of first try: Fail
2nd try, one week later
Ikea high chair acquired. Second meal, pumpkin pureed with rice and milk. Aha better reception this time. Jo Ern's tongue keeps poking out when she's supposed to be swallowing though. And she's more interested in the chair, the cup, the spoon and her fingers compared to the food itself. Still, food finished if you don't count the bits that ended up on nose, fingers, diaper, chair, floor etc. Rating of second try: Not bad!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mr Bear

Oh look, a bear

Lemme check if it tastes nice


Wait ah, I confirm first

Eh, tastes VERY good!

So yummy! Must eat! Chomp! Ahmmmm!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weird habits

I am a clever baby. I learn from Mummy

Jo Ern has a few weird habits I unintentionally 'taught' her.

Habit #1. Putting one hand in the mouth and stroking her head with the other

Probably came from me 'sayang'-ing her head while feeding her. This one she is doing less now, the hand in the mouth is comfort enough, heh.

Habit #2. Drinking milk from bottle must have two stages. First stage, cradled in feeder's arms. After a while she will cry out which means time to proceed to second stage: put her on a mattress where she will drink while lying down.

Probably coz I cradle her to breastfeed on one side. Then I will lay her down beside me (between hubby and me) to feed on the other side. The first side I cannot lay her down for fear I fall asleep and she falls off the bed.

Habit #3. Batting violently at her ear to get milk

Aiyo this one definitely from me. Milk let-down is slow these days (apparently normal for mothers with older babies) so she gets frustrated and pulls off. About the only way I know to keep her quiet and latched on is to fiddle around in her ear. She will keep still for me to 'clean' her ear. I will stop once the milk comes. So Jo Ern now thinks pulling at her ears makes the milk come! Haha my poor baby!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

5-month update

Mummy says I can have cereal next week. Yay! Err what's 'cereal'?

Well actually almost 5.5 months. Delay due to us trying to change doctors. We had been taking Jo Ern back to Columbia Asia where she was born. But Puchong is far so I thought just take her somewhere nearer - we liked Dr Serena whom we visited when Jo Ern was off her milk. Turned out Dr Serena was on a long Hari Raya break. Waited at another paediatrician (now I know there are a few nearby!) only to find she has separate vaccines for DTP and HepB. I didn't want two jabs for my little one when one will do. So it was back to making an appointment at Puchong.
Weight: 6.9 kg
Length: 64 cm

Boo hoo... all readings are below average this time. Doc says below average is normal for breastfed babies. Aiks Jo Ern has been the same weight the past three weeks. Ah well, if doc says it's fine, I guess I shouldn't worry. Doc said can start Jo Ern on some cereal next week. Wheee I'm excited! Must shop for bowl, spoon and high chair this weekend!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Double naughty?

I have eyes at the back of my head

Maybe if I concentrate, I can see behind me?

Jo Ern has been having big mosquito bites on her face. Her skin doesn't seem to heal that quickly - some quite-old marks are still showing. So what is Mummy to do? Take pictures of the back of her head loh. And what do we have here... prominent double swirls!

Traditionally taken to mean the kid will be naughty. Plus this one is born in the year of the Tiger! Double naughty? So far she has been quite a sweet child though (touch wood).
One good thing is: We will be able to recognise our little girl easily, even from the back!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


With Jo Ern sleeping with us in our bed, hubby and I have to squeeze ourselves into whatever space available. Most of the time that means sleeping on our sides as there isn't enough space for both of us to lie on our backs. Have to be careful with our arms and legs too so they don't land on her. A queen-sized bed isn't very big at all!
And how does Jo Ern sleep?

Me? I sleep like THIS.

How come a little baby takes up so much space??

Friday, September 3, 2010

Second holiday

Went to Genting again. Looked forward to this trip since we got upgraded to a suite. Sometimes Genting rewards hubby for his generous contributions to their casino fund. :)
Now THIS time, Jo Ern was good as gold. Hah only a suite is good enough for this kid?? Heh. We didn't do much, mostly stayed in.

This bed is nice! Better than the bed at home.

Big enough for me to do some yoga

Pose for nice picture with Papa

Take picture with Mummy on the balcony

She didn't like the bath at all though. Strange, since the water was nice and warm. She has been going 'Ah booo! Ah BOOOO!' recently when she doesn't like something. So we got the Ah BOOOO treatment throughout.

Ah booo! Ah Booo!! Booptth!!

Some pictures of the suite since my sis asked for them:

Bathroom with twin sinks and fresh flowers

Coffee-making facilities

Can even order a pillow from the Pillow Menu!

Ah I just realised I didn't take pictures of the suite proper. Most pictures are of Jo Ern, hehe. The suite is nice and big lah.