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Monday, July 29, 2013

Bag lady

Is there a bag lady sitting in the corner?

Oh, it's Jo Ern.


I'm fine, I have raisins to eat.

Hubby was in the DIY store for ages last weekend. This place is a toy-shop to the man! JE said she was hungry but Papa showed no signs of leaving. Good thing I was equipped with snacks. Found a clean box where she could sit and she was all set. And if that container of organic raisins had run out, I had more snacks. I do like it when I can meet my child's needs and keep her happy. :)

When hubby was finally ready, we proceeded to Sushi King at the kiddo's request. Everyone happy!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

SE and JE at breakfast

One bright Sunday morning...

It's time to EAT. Yayy!

I wan this, this and this

Where's my food... c'mon people (leg up like a tauke)

Meanwhile, on the other side of the table...

Don't want to eat. *sucks fingers*

Pictures for illustration only... SE is still mainly on breastmilk and baby food. She gets organic snacks bought from iHerb and foods deemed healthy (enough) by Mummy - fresh corn, yogurt, cheese, scrambled eggs, cornflakes. Ice-cream is a rare treat and even then that was Haagen Dazs and not cheapo brands with all-artificial ingredients. I'm planning to transition her to adult food with seasoning only when she has enough teeth to bite. She only has 2 teeth at the bottom and 1 more peeping out at the top.

I'm soo happy to have a kid that's easy to feed!

Monday, July 22, 2013


Last weekend we drove to Nilai to look at some land. Hubby's friend bought a few plots and invited interested parties to go take a look as there are more for sale. I thought I'd be looking at roads and various facilities... what else is there to see? :p  It turned out to be plots of land at Planter's Haven for building houses! There are communal facilities - fishing ponds and a clubhouse. Not that these will be in heavy use as I see some houses having their own swimming pool.

SE was fast asleep when we arrived...

Papa, Mummy, Jo Ern and Su Ern

Mature durian trees were fruiting away. They're everywhere, so you'd definitely get some trees for your very own if you buy a plot of land.

So... a whole acre or so for an affordable price to build your own bungalow (land+bungalow being the equivalent of just TWO average terrace houses in KL)? With durian trees? And plenty of space for the kids to run around in? Sigh. Except that I can't be driving that far every day to work. And who is going to clean such a big house?? Ya, you don't HAVE to build a huge house... but then what's the point?? Haha.

This (half-built) house could be mine! I dowan only... 

It was a good day out anyway - a change of scene and some fresh air for the kids.

Are we going to live here, Mummy?
Nah. Mummy prefers our present house

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I bought Ribena after she requested it, figuring it would be a good way to get her to drink more. Some days she doesn't drink much liquids.

Monday morning...
Me: What do you want to drink?
JE (excitedly) : Ribena!
Me: Ribena not for breakfast la. Got packet milk (fresh), your milk (s-26) or yogurt (Yakult).
JE: Ok.... yogurt.

Monday night:
Me: I make your milk for you ok?
JE:  No, I want Ribena!
Me: At night cannot drink Ribena. How about cold packet milk?
JE: Mmm... ok.

Tuesday:  Repeat both conversations.
Wednesday: Repeat both conversations.  But after Conversation 2, suddenly she piped up:

JE: EVERY TIME also cannot drink Ribena.

This mummy ahh....

Hahaha poor kiddo!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Pink and pink

Jo Ern is on a pink craze. Ask her what colour she wants and the answer will be PINK. To think I'd actually used to avoid buying pink... back when I got hand-me-down clothes from my sis (practice has stopped since my niece Erin is growing faster than JE!), they were predominantly THAT colour. So I'd buy other colours in order to balance them out.  But now the kid always goes for pink so no choice but to get more!

PINK shirt, PINK pants, PINK caterpillar shoes

PINK for me and my baby sis!

This is my new silly cat shirt. It's PINK

Wonder if she will outgrow this. In the mornings, she will choose her clothes for the day and it'd often be 'pink and pink' (meaning a pink top and a pink bottom).  I sure hope Su Ern likes the colour coz she will be getting lots of things in pink...

Monday, July 8, 2013

Stroke Jie-jie's hair

Su Ern likes to stroke JE's hair. As JE sleeps later and more soundly, SE gets easy access. SE will look over, smile when the thought enters her head, and strike.

My jie-jie sleeping. I go and 'sayang' her

Stroke jie-jie's hair. Stroke.. stroke

Poke jie-jie's ear! Poke! Poke! Hehehe!
Mummy: Su Ern!

Thursday, July 4, 2013


This Sweet Cherry stroller used to be JE's.  Until now she fights to sit in it. If SE is sleeping, JE will let her take the stroller. If not, JE will happily announce, 'Chu Ern ee not cheeping!' (ok now that her S's are in, she says 'Su Ern is not sleeping!') and request to sit in the stroller.

It's not convenient to carry SE all the time. Now that she is bigger, we can put both girls in, for a short while. :)

Position 1:
JE happy as she gets to lie down
SE happy but in danger of falling off

Position 2:
SE happy and safe
JE safe but not happy, wants to lie down 

This stroller is a big stable one that adjusts for different ages. But it's heavy to carry and cumbersome to push as its big wheels get caught everywhere when manoeuvering round tight places. We bought a Silver Cross stroller which is smaller and lighter.  The kids don't look comfy in it though.

Poor me don't like this stroller

So the old stroller still gets its days out. :)

We choose this one!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Su Ern 'talking'

Su Ern's favourite word is 'Ah!'.  Usually used twice as in 'Ah! Ah!'. She'd use it to greet people passing by.  Also when holding objects up to her ear. 

Wait ah, I am on the phone

Another word is 'Nah!' accompanied by holding out an object. You are expected to take the object or she'd continue going 'Nah!' at you. :)

Nah! Take this. Take it. TAKE!

Recently she learnt to say 'Buh bye!' while waving her wrist. She'd be so proud of herself, she'd smile and smile after that. (My mother likes teaching the kids to say bye-bye!).

And her latest word is... 'NO!' which sounds more like 'Ner!'.  Ask her to come here, give you something and she'd go 'Ner!' with a big smile. Sometimes she'd say 'Ner ner!' and wave a finger. And smile until you cannot see her eyes.

Give you the remote? Noo! Hehehee.

Little kids starting to speak are so cute!