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Monday, May 30, 2016

And the winner is...

Some time ago I posted on what the girls play most with.  I didn't have pictures of the best then.  So ta-dahh... here it is! Or rather, here THEY are.  (Part of them anyway... there are many members of this group!)

Your meal is ready! Hope you like what I made

These are the items that, hands down, win as the most-played-with toy in the house.  The girls lay out the table with these items, serve them to adults (who are then expected to pretend to eat), serve them to animal toys (who will then be made to eat), run pretend restaurants, have pretend grown-up conversations over food.

Ah look at my lunch

Would you like some more food? 

Oh, I think this is enough, thank you

But you must try our new items!

Selected food items also get to tag along on our trips.  They sometimes end up in the paddling pool or the bath tub (e.g. that fish and potato chip on JE's 'tray' in the last picture).

Definitely value for my money!  Hehe.  I bought various things from various places and combined them.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

I never do anything

Must update on her 'phrase of the moment' as a few have passed hehe.

SE: (Passes broken pieces of Ah Mah's hairbrush to Ah Mah)
Ah Mah: Why is it broken?
SE: I don't know. I never do anything

Hubby:  Who play with Papa's torchlight?
SE:  I never do anything

Me:  Su Errrnnn!  Did you change the time on my alarm clock??
SE:  I never do anything
Me:  Told you cannot play with Mummy's alarm clock!
SE:  I never do anything

It's a very useful phrase.  For HER, that is. Sigh.

What did you say?

I don't know, I never do anything

Monday, May 23, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

We celebrated Mother's Day a week later as we were celebrating SE's birthday on the actual day.  My mum chose dim sum so off we headed to Oriental...


It was rather a tight squeeze around one table!  I always prefer a single table so that we can see everyone.  But guess that would get tougher once the kids get bigger and need more space.

1,2,3...17,18 ok everyone's here.

Happy Mother's day to my mum!  Thanks for all you do for us.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Still the same

She's 6 already.  Here she is fast asleep with her fingers in her mouth and her precious doggy on her head.  Some things haven't changed, yet.  :)

Time, please don't move too fast.


Monday, May 16, 2016

Erin's bracelet

Overhead from the back of my car...

SE:  This bracelet ih sooo nice.  If I give this bracelet to (cousin) Erin, I will be SOOOO sad.
Me:  Hm? Then don't give it to Erin.
JE:   But it's Erin's bracelet.
Me:  Oh in that case, must give back!

Haha these kiddos.  They like to 'borrow' things from the grandparents' house. Including items left there by the other kids.  Then they will bring the items back the following school day.

Pretty or not?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


SE has a headstrong nature.  Her outbursts are cute at her age, but tough times are definitely coming. Let me note down some stories...


1. In the car, listening to a song on the radio.
SE:  What the name of the girl? (Meaning the name of the singer)
Me:  Don't know
SE:  Hmghh! (her irritated sound) What the name of the GIRL?!
Me:  Told you already, I don't know
SE:  Hmghh! Why you don't know? You listen to the BOICE (voice)! What the name of the girl?!
Me: Ok YOU listen to the voice. So what is the name of the girl?
SE:  Mummy! YOU listen to the boice! This ih YOUR car!


2.  Sometimes I get fed-up of non-stop questions and just go 'don't know'.  And her response...
SE: What the name of the girl?
Me: Don't know
SE:  Mummy! Why EVERY DAY you donno, and donno, and DONNO.


3.  And another time...
SE:  What the name of the girl?
Me: Don't know
SE:  Pbuuu!! (Spitting sound)
Me: Why you say 'pbuuu'??  (Not quite believing the 'pbuuu' was meant for me)
SE:  Becoh, you say the wrong thing!
Me: I don't like already. Because you 'pbuu' me
SE:  Today I WANT to be naughty!


Naughty to the point of being rude, right? Sigh.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

SE is 4!

SE is 4 today!  We celebrated last weekend.  This time I decided to take the easy way out... buy a cake, bring cake to restaurant, have everyone go to the restaurant for dinner.  (I had been nursing a flu for two weeks and didn't feel up to cooking... excuse for being lazy heh).

On the plus side: No stress! And of course food tastes best at a restaurant, served hot.  On the minus: JE said she prefers to have people come to the house.  Guess it was a bit of an anti-climax for her to just go to a restaurant and back home after that.  Oh well, as long as SE didn't mind. She chose a pink cake...

Happy birthday to me!

Family photo, without the cake

Didn't take so many photos since it was a restaurant. Also photography angles are limited around a big table.

Setting up...

 Happy birthday to my little princess!  Love you always and forever.

I'm a big girl already!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Our soft toys

We have a collection of soft toys at home, JE calls them 'sleeping toys'.  As in they're soft enough to cuddle to sleep.  Following on from the tradition I had with my own siblings, these toys can 'talk' (we will voice them) and have 'personalities' of their own. Sometimes they're naughty, sometimes they fight with other toys, sometimes they're fussy/caring/playful etc.  Just like the real kids!

They're for play, of course. And I find them useful to teach, to distract, to calm a fussing child and for so many other functions.

So introducing our soft toys!  They each have a name but we'll leave that for another day.  :)

They're coming, wait for it...


Oh Monkey, you're hidden behind Tiger cub

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Two girls

We were out plant shopping again last weekend.  :)  Brought the kiddos out too, for a change of scene.

So hot. We sit here to rest

Sit properly, Su Ern. Don't fall down.

SE: *Happy*

Not their favourite pastime for sure!