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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

No kakak

Our maid Jane has gone back to the Philippines after completing her 2 years' contract.  She is supposed to return in 3 weeks so fingers crossed there's no hiccup!

Bye kakak!

She prepared some things before going... pruned plants in the garden, dug the kids' ears, packed their stuff for our holiday, made their juice for a week, painted their toe-nails etc.

I want flowers, kakak

Kakak doing SE's hair. SE doing Barbie's hair

So in the meantime, I get to be the kakak haha.  I have resolved to let things be if necessary.  But it has been rather tiring also.  Felt it already at our first home-cooked meal - preparing, cooking, serving, making sure the kids eat properly, cleaning up and washing, then cutting fruits and washing again. Luckily hubby helped out (he doesn't always) before heading out to work at night. Then I did some reading with the kids before getting their milk ready.

Two more weeks to go.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Ah Kong's birthday 2018

This was a bit impromptu... Ah Kong's actual birthday is this weekend only, but my parents and sis will be away in Melbourne.  Luckily bro remembered to organise.  Managed to find a common free slot (difficult enough even in our not-so-big family!) and agree on a venue.  So we were at Awet Thai.

Got a big table that could seat everyone...

We are here for Ah Kong's birthday!

Ordered our usual favourites...

Grilled platter and baked crabs

Planning didn't happen in time to procure a cake though.  We were too stuffed to adjourn somewhere.  Happy birthday to my dear father!

Happy birthday to Ah Kong!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Movie MBO Kecil

We seldom go to the cinema.  For one thing, the kids always want to watch movies they like again and again.  For another, what the kids want to watch won't be something adults really want to.  And of course... well it isn't cheap!

Luckily this movie was enjoyable.

We're going to watch this!


This was at MBO Kecil.  Overall, while it's pretty nice, the kids were not as wowed as I thought they would be.  There was a playground right in front but it was too dark to take a proper picture by the time we got in.  We didn't pre-book and had to sit separately.

This is a bean-bag seat

This one is a standard seat

Next time we shall go for the sofa seats.  Those cost a little more but can seat two people.