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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Free flow

When mummy hardly lets you have soft drinks, and now you get flavours of your choice, FREE FLOW...

Which one? Which?

THAT one next!


Heh heh. I was enjoying my currypuff at the time and only took photos when I was done.  Otherwise would have gotten a lot of photos of them at the drinks machine!

Thursday, January 25, 2018


I'm super-busy at work these days. As for hubby, he was in Vietnam last weekend and is now in China.  Last weekend I took the girls to McD as they do keep asking to go there.

Ice-cream for me

And me!
Maybe IKEA for this weekend.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Visit to the optician

It has been a year since SE got her eye-glasses.  There has been multiple incidences of the nosepad coming off - this pair that she chose has a unique nosepad which is rather fragile.  It doesn't help that she also fiddles with the thing.  And lately she's been chewing on the ear-piece too.  Sigh.

Had to make a trip to the optician to get a new frame.  Check the power first...

JE: I want specs too!

For the first time, she also went for the 'manual testing' where they ask you to read from the eye chart.  Hmm I've always been hoping SE's power would reduce.  No change at all this time.  Oh well, at least it didn't get worse.  And confirmed that her current specs power is good for now.

This JE really wanted to start wearing eye-glasses too (sigh).  Checked her eyes as well...

Check and see

JE had a power of 0.25 in both eyes.  Hmm too low to need glasses I think.  So we just got another frame for SE (she chose the exact same ones she has now) and that was it.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Somebody's a prefect!

JE told me sometime near the end of the last school year that she will be a 'xue zhang' the next year.  Well, from the previous year, it seems the norm for the kids to take on these 'leader' roles.  There are 'pan zhang' - class monitor, 'fu pan zhang' - assistant class monitor, 'zhu zhang' - group leader, 'fu zhu zhang' - assistant group leader.  The group leaders are by subject and they rotate.  I guess each kid gets the chance to be some kind of leader in each year.

Now to me as a 'banana' parent (not knowing Chinese), I thought I should find out what kind of leader a 'xue zhang' is.  But kept forgetting to ask.

It was only a couple weeks back that I finally found out a 'xue zhang' is a PREFECT!  Haha.

Gosh... I do hope JE will be up to it.  Her Mandarin still isn't too good, her temperament is more on the timid side, and I'm concerned the extra duties will cut into her schooling time. (Also eating time hehe... she eats so slowly that she can't always finish her recess food!)

Oh well, however it happened, my little JE is a prefect!  She gets to wear a tie from now (assuming she passes the probation period).

Me in my new tie!

Which she is rather happy about hehe. She was wearing it the night before...


Friday, January 12, 2018

I want to tell you something

SE always comes up with something to unsettle me.


SE:  Mummy, I want to tell you something. But not right now.


SE:  Mummy, I have a secret.  But I am not telling you.  Kakak says cannot tell.

Of course I'd be thinking, What? What is it???

Oh, this girl.

Hehehee confuse my mummy

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

G2G Petting zoo

My colleague told me about this place, so off we went.  Tickets were at an "intro price" of RM15 adults and RM10 kids.  So what's inside...


Bought some food to feed the animals.  The goats were VERY interested in it.  Hehe poor SE.

Arrrhh! Shoo!

Shoo! Arrhhh aaaAA!!! SHOOO!!!!

Luckily the next animals were less scary.

How are you today, little bunnies?

Let me feed you...

Come get your milk

JE was a scaredy cat and bunnies had to be HELD for her to pet...

Pet pet

She didn't want to hold a bird either.

Want hold the pretty birdy? NO! 

This place is really small, actually.  Not worth the trip at all.  Having said that, we did spend 3-4 hours there in total!  There was an ice-cream making activity - was fun enough for the kids.

Ice-cream making
(SE didn't understand the instructions given in Malay)

Food at the cafe was surprisingly good - had grilled lamb, oxtail soup, nasi lemak, some drinks.

Me, me next

The pony ride was RM5 a round...

Me and my pony!

No, I don't want to get down yet!

More bunnies!

That was literally it.  We won't be back, but it was a decent day out.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Happy new year, everyone! 

After making full use of the year-end school holidays by taking leave and taking the kids places, I came back to a mountain of work haha.  So will make this a short post...

One of the last action items before school reopened, take the girls to trim their hair.  The place was full as lots of people must have had the same idea!


And our family belated Christmas gift exchange.  The kids were so excited.  We had lunch at Thai Syok (food was all right, can try this place again) in Setia Alam.  And made sure food was properly finished before presents were allowed to be distributed.

Finally got our presents!

What did you get?