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Monday, August 28, 2017

When hubby has the kids

I leave JE with hubby for a while to take SE to the toilet.  When we get back, JE is licking a lollipop.  SE's face immediately crumples up...

Papa.... why only Jo Ern get lollipop...

Papa... I also want... WAAAAA

So hubby takes her to choose a lollipop too.  Grrrr.  It was almost lunch-time and I don't want them eating that many sweets anyway.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Mermaid tails

Following on from "Fairy Wings", here are "Mermaid Tails"!  Nope I'm not arty and don't make stuff.  Got them online and these are made of soft fleece.

We are mermaids!

SE generally doesn't like things covering her legs though. JE makes more use of her mermaid tail.

I'm a mermaid combing my hair

Monday, August 21, 2017

Ah Kong's birthday 2017

We celebrated my father's birthday on the actual day, 19th August.  Always good when it falls on a weekend!

Venue was Extra Super Tanker at Glo Damansara.  The food was ok (overall rather salty though) and what I liked best was the duck with mantao.  Bro-in-law ordered the food for the night and promptly forgot the details, so we had to guess what we were eating!  I didn't take a single food photo.

All of us with the birthday boy! 

Hmm somebody is not too happy

The not-happy one

It happened during Ah Mah's birthday last year, and it happened again.  She really wanted to blow the candles and just could not reach them!  Evidence from slightly earlier....

SE:  Waaaa I cannot reach

Haha poor kiddo. 

Happy birthday to Papa/Ah Kong!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Checking JE's eyes

Following on from "checking Papa's eyes"...

JE has been mentioning that she can't see the projected words in class.  Since we were passing by at the optician...

Now let's see what's happening

Did you get the angle right?

Check properly, now

Oh?? Is that right??

That little busybody.

On JE, the shop guy said the machine does detect some power, but it only gives a rough estimate so he can't tell for sure.  And that if he takes her in for the usual eye test, he doesn't think she will be able to tell accurately the point where things are clear or not.  He recommended we take her to an eye doctor.  And sit down at home with her, sit down and compare what we can see vs what she can.

Must do that then.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Lining up

These animals?  They're lining up for something.  Looks like it will be a long wait.

Haha... found this queue of animals when I came home one night.  And caught a girl to take a photo together with the line.

Queuing patiently

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Fairy wings

I try not to buy them too many toys, but sometimes I can't resist.  Haha.

We are fairies!

They wore these in the mall directly after purchase.  Attracted quite some attention too.  After all, what can be sweeter than a little girl with fairy wings?  :)

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


This is JE doing homework.

Draw n erase, draw n erase

Nooo I cannot draw properly!!

After half an hour of vigorous effort, the paper is totally blank.  I tell her to stop erasing and just leave it, the drawing is fine as long as teacher can tell what it is.  (This is just to draw, from the options, which food she likes and which she doesn't like. In the correct box)

Teacher say must draw nice nice!

I cannot, I cannot!

She's in a Chinese school.  There isn't all that much homework actually.  But if someone keeps getting distracted looking for missing things/ sharpening pencils/ changing the pencil in use/ chatting to other people/ paying attention to everything else that is going on/ constantly erasing whatever she has written or drawn/ crying that she cannot do things... how to finish?  Sigh.