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Friday, March 27, 2020

Trick art museum at Genting

One more thing we did during our trip to Genting. 

We had to get the combo ticket at Skytropolis, which included additional attractions.  Kiddos decided on the trick art museum.

Meow! Meow! 

Lighting and shading on the pictures were well-designed for good pictures.  Hmm my phone processes them a little dark...

If we both pull out this sword, which one is Merlin?

Off on our pet flying horse!

Save us, Superman!

I decided to get some action and carry this big fish.

Here's to plenty of fish every year!

We surf a bit first


We are big and strong!

Not bad for an hour or so of fun. 

Sunday, March 22, 2020


JE has been asking to go to Kidzania for quite some time. Tickets are expensive (Kids over RM80 plus, accompanying adults almost RM40).  I also read that it's very packed in there and people complain they spent too much time in queues.  But I'd always planned to take the kids there one day since it IS an interesting concept and many kids these days have been there.  

Finally snagged a cheap expiring ticket via FB... RM120 for 2 kids and 1 adult.  Timing was also good since people weren't venturing out much due to the virus.  (This was some time before the Movement control order.... no deaths and just a handful of cases in Malaysia).

Turned out rather a fun, though tiring, visit.  :)

The girls did everything together.  I'd brought my laptop thinking I could leave them alone after some time and do my work, but didn't manage that at all.  It took me a while to get the hang of things.  Mainly found I had to strategise and drive them along. Some jobs had fixed hiring times and I had to make sure they got there on time. Our first queue was Tealive, got there on time to find a VERY long queue and ended up we didn't make it.

Anyway.  I shepherded them for whatever available jobs - figured we gotta start somewhere.  So they got to be delivery people, CSI, designers, robotics personnel...

Shh we are going to investigate something

We want to design an eraser! And a pen!

Let's drive this robot

They did a stint as surgeons too.  JE said this was yucky.

Performing surgery

Kids got paid for jobs they did, about 8-12 kidzos (Kidzania currency).  Some they had to pay for it instead.  Like this supermarket, SE got paid as a worker and JE had to pay 6 kidzos to be a customer.  There was a shop they could spend their kidzos at the end.  But looking at the steep prices, figured there wasn't much point focusing on the kidzos.

I'm a hardworking cashier. Jojo is going to be my customer

My main target was McD hehe. They had to pay 15 kidzos, and I hustled them into queue 20mins before hiring time. 

We are making burgers

This one was worth it.  Food inside is very expensive so at least I didn't have to buy lunch for them  (Me, I had a simple egg sandwich with coffee for RM10)

Now we eat our burgers

Kiddos managed to do 11 activities that day. There are many more available, but it'd be difficult to do more since each activity takes 20mins, and there's time needed to queue and get from one to another.  Plus some pit stops for food and toilet.

Making a bookmark

I must say it was an interesting experience.  Since I now know how it works, next time I will be better able to plan properly.  Kiasu hehe.  Oh, and the kids said it was fun.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Makan post

Looking through some of my old pictures. Won't be eating out for a while now due to the Movement Control Order for March 18-31.

So we take the kids out to different eating places.  Given the choice, they always pick Japanese so I need to put my foot down and insist on other places.  Sometimes JE would sulk and kick up a fuss (especially if hubby is around) so I will need to scold her.  Haha... kids don't know how lucky they are.

Went to Dome twice already for their high tea.  I like that we can have it for lunch (Delicious café at 1u is better value but their high tea only starts at 3pm) and the pastries are served warm.

This coffee tastes disgusting

Food gets thumbs up though!

Another round, Rolling Daruma in Kota Damansara. Quite enjoyed this place particularly the coffee, ribs and crispy waffles served with ice-cream. But I find it strange they only open for lunch on Saturdays and other days only open late... while it's primarily a drinking place, can survive meh like this?

Food we like

And this place, I had to drag the kids here as they wanted sushi instead.  Yun Bridge in 1u... turned out everyone liked the food.  And the kids liked "cooking" their own food in the hot soup.  

Eh? Not bad

OK now to stay safe until Covid-19 goes away.  

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

My birthday 2020

This rat year... is my year.  Getting old sigh.

I like to take leave on my birthday to do whatever I like.  That was out of the question since I had to conduct training on that day.  But I did have a good day.

When I woke JE up that morning, she sprang up, hugged me tightly and said Happy birthday Mummy.  So sweet... normally she will lie there like a rock and would be very difficult to dig up!

Later when I woke SE up, she also sprang up and went to get the card she made for me.  Card from SE:  There is a tiny person taking a chunk out of the top layer of 'the big cake'.  Her usual little touches to her art.

Happy birthday!

And from JE, TWO cards.  So much effort put into them, sniff.

Got stickers, stars, balloons

And a pop-up cake!

Outside of the pop-up cake card

Somehow it says "Happy birthday day". SE complained that JE checked youtube for these. And told SE that she wasn't allowed to use youtube until she reached JE's age.  Haha.

Celebrated on the weekend.  Kiddos insisted I must have a birthday cake.  Otherwise it would just be a 'normal dinner'.  So I dutifully went to get a cake.

Us and our mummy

With cake

Hubby brought wine along to celebrate.  Overall, definitely a good birthday!

Good food, good company

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Genting trip 2020

Kiddos had been asking to go to Genting a while. Took the opportunity of a free room (few people venturing up due to Covid19) to go up for a weekend.  Genting wasn't deserted but nor was it packed. 

Cosily wrapped up and watching TV

Took advantage of the lack of queue to visit Burger & Lobster.  Nice enough, but we aren't big fans of lobster so probably won't come again.  Not cheap at RM500+.

My burger dinner

Mummy's lobster roll and our shared lobster behind it

The  hubby threw RM300 at the arcades (this is turning out to be an expensive trip!).  Some of the machines have been replaced by claw machines... guess with iPads so common these days, people aren't so interested in arcade games?  Kids managed to scoop up various toys and were so excited.

Check out our cutie loot!

Went for a buffet breakfast the next day.  The kids don't eat much but they enjoy being able to grab anything they like.


Next we went to throw money into the indoor theme park.  Dunno why they didn't have the usual RM68 day ticket this time, had to buy the RM95 combo.

JE: Yess! My favourite game!
SE:  *bit nervous*

I'm going to drive this baby!

The kids had a blast.  The adults ended up dead tired.  Another successful trip haha.  As JE said, we like the cool weather and being able to walk for everything.  It was pleasant not to have to contend with the usual crowds.
(Also am thankful nobody caught any virus up there!)

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Days out

(Old post this. The girls have shorter hair now)

Our maid takes a day out monthly.  I would aim to go somewhere pricier for lunch heh.  While she is considerate and wouldn't select expensive items for herself, some outlets don't offer more-affordable options.  And of course she must also have something to eat... would not feel good if she is just sitting watching us.  So I will overwrite the kids' preferred option of sushi and we try other places.

Once that was Ante - thought it wasn't worth the price.  Another time was Chillies - which wasn't too expensive actually, can go with Jane also next time.

We have burger, pizza, fries...

Another time was Fish&Co followed by high tea.

We are kakak-less today

Let's mix up the sauces
(JE is 9yo but she still loves messing around like this)

Walked around after lunch until it was time for high tea at 3pm.  Kiddos were excited since this would be their first time.  (Come to think of it, they had gone for a high tea buffet some years back... but have probably forgotten since they were still small).  Hubby doesn't like pastries or sweet stuff so we don't do this often.

The tray arrived...


This layered jelly matches my skirt!

Overall it was good.  Value for money - RM55 for 2 pax seems to be the cheapest in town - with good coffees.  The girls fought over some items which only had 1.  JE grabbed the macaroons, SE the sandwiches.  Neither wanted the scones so I had those.  Somehow the creme brulee wasn't popular so I scored that too hehe.  And luckily hubby liked the chocolate balls which nobody else did.

We must come again.  :)