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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Still sick

Poor me is still sick

Jo Ern still has fever. The last 3 days were cycles of high temperature, fever medicine, temperature, medicine. Went to the pediatrician this morning (the previous visit was to a GP at the 24-hour medical centre). I learned quite a bit:
1. Don't give fever medicine for temperatures below 38C. The body generates this heat to fight off germs.
2. After 2 days, if the germs are not killed off, normally other complications will develop. Jo Ern now has an ear infection, cough and runny nose.
3. No need to panic that fever will cause brain damage. That only happens at 41.5C.
Maybe Jo Ern will have recovered by now if we had followed the correct procedure. Ah well, we live and learn.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sick today

Today I got fever. Please do not disturb.

Found little Jo Ern very warm early this morning. :( It's the first time she's had a fever and I was slightly panicky when the thermometer read 37.8C.
One thing amused me this morning at the medical centre. Hubby asked me to carry Jo Ern so he could fill in the registration. Almost immediately, he turned to me and asked me to fill it in instead. Coz the first column 'NAMA' got him stumped. He said he was about to fill in "Porcupine"... hahaha!
Although Jo Ern's hair no longer sticks up like a porcupine, she's still her papa's little Porcupine!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Glamour photo

Well, sort of. Tried to use photoscape to blur and whatnot. Post it here anyway la.
Jo Ern smiles a lot these days. I don't catch them on film much though. Either she changes to a fascinated stare when the camera comes out, or looks at me wanting to be carried, or (mainly) I am just too slow!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hands work, check

Jo Ern is getting dexterous these days. Within seconds her little hands grab and stuff things into her mouth. This new skill, coupled with the shorter time she will sit still, makes going out to dinner quite challenging. I'm thinking we should sometimes just pack the food and eat at home!

Grab plate

Shake plate. **we quickly remove plate from her in case she breaks it**

Grab and bite sauce plate **we quickly remove sauce plate**

Hubby: Jo Ern, cannot grab anything on the table ok?

Jo Ern: OK papa, I bite my own blanket only

10 secs later: Grab placemat. Hubby:.....*speechless*

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Genting trip 3

Love this view from our window!
Was in Genting for the Deepavali weekend. This place is like hubby's private playground! They offered a Maxim's suite again this time. Good also since I can't do the activities I used to like - watch movies, swim, relax. Luckily I can still go for nice meals though they are at risk of being cut short if Jo Ern is cranky.
I am on holiday again

Speaking of cranky, Jo Ern is quite a crybaby these days. She enjoys being carried but put her down and WaaaAAA! I could only relax when she was sleeping.

I cry cry and disturbed Mummy a lot teehee

Other times I had to find ways of entertaining her. Put her in front of the mirror, on the floor, gave her objects to gum... aiyo pretty tiring. Looked forward to hubby coming back to the room.

Oh hello there

Ahmmm ahmmm

Eh Mummy? What are you doing?

One milestone though, tried putting Jo Ern to stand and she could! Before this my mum said not to let her as that might make her bow-legged. Then I saw MC's blog on little Sean and figured since he can pull himself up, Jo Ern must be ready to stand on her little legs too!

Wheee look at me!


This lady seems nice, I like

We were invited by hubby's staff for Deepavali. One of the ladies there plucked Jo Ern out of my maid's arms when rice was served. I am always taken aback on the rare occasions when strangers do that, but have yet to think of the proper thing to do. But Jo Ern was perfectly fine with people of a different skin colour. There was no sound from her while we had our lunch in the dining room. After we finished and came out, we sat on one side of the living room while she remained happily with our hosts on the other side. It was quite funny to see a whole row of Indians (didn't manage to capture on camera) with the one Chinese baby. Obviously racism is NOT something people are born with!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Bolster? What bolster, papa?

Hubby wanted to know why his bolster suddenly migrated downstairs when it has lived contentedly upstairs all this while. Uhm I dunno, does Jo Ern know?

Hehe... the bolster is in case Jo Ern falls backwards while sitting up mah. Actually this bolster is pretty useful. For me to lie on while reading, to put at the foot of Jo Ern's bed to prevent her rolling off (this baby rolls ALL over the place), to make her cosy when she is falling asleep. Even though I don't sleep with one, it's mine now! Mwahaha. Poor hubby is making do with the new polyfibre one that is too light to fulfil any of the functions I have in mind.