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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kids and gadgets

What's with kids and gadgets? When someone is having a gadget (iPad/tablet/phone included), there WILL be spectators and they stay interested for quite some time.

I caught this pic of 5 of the 6 kids at my parents' place. I don't know what 9mo Su Ern thinks she's looking at!

R to L: Elyssa, Justin, Jo Ern, Jensen. Su Ern in front.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Secret Garden at 1U

We went to 1U on the first day of CNY. It was great, not many people at all! Went up to the 'secret garden' and the weather was great, not too hot. Jo Ern wasn't keen on taking photos, so remedial actions had to be taken...
Tickle, tickle her!

Turn her upside down!

Goal achieved! Mood better, she happily posed for photos after that.

Take photo, Mummy!

Take another one!

Su Ern was easier, just grab her and snap.

This garden is nicely landscaped


One last photo.

Hubby and SE: I think it's lunchtime...
JE: Take photo, take photo

We had lunch at Putien which was really good - will definitely be going again.

Overall, this was an enjoyable day! I shall suggest this again next year hehe. For hubby's family, CNY eve and second day are the important ones, there are no activities on the first day.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Holding and holding things

Su Ern can hold things for a VERY long time! She held these toothpicks throughout dinner and back in the room... cry also didn't let go.

These toothpicks are MINE

Held these straws throughout lunch. Cry and finished crying still didn't let go.

These straws are MINE

Last weekend she was holding my hairclip in the house before we headed out for breakfast. She held on to it in the car. Held it throughout breakfast in the 'roti canai' shop. Held it back in the car and during our short detour to the market. Held it upon going home. Was still holding it when we headed out to my SIL's place for lunch. Fell asleep on the way there, but didn't let go of the hairclip. Was STILL holding it upon reaching SIL's apartment and going up in the lift. And she held it for quite a while more in the apartment. That's quite a few hours there!  I wonder if this means she holds on to money next time, hehe.

Friday, February 15, 2013

CNY 2013

Happy year of the snake to all! I have a phobia of snakes and am squirming at the frequent pictures of them, heh.

With JE at 2y 10m, SE at 9m and NO maid, we had to keep it simple. I took leave for 2 days and made some cookies...

Some good, some not

Bought new clothes for my girls. I couldn't find anything for myself as usual. Then suddenly remembered a top that I'd bought when pregnant with SE. Couldn't try it on then with a bulging tummy, luckily it fits me fine. So yay, new clothes for all of us!

All wear nice-nice

CNY reunion dinner was at my house again. Attendees were 9 adults, 1 toddler and 2 babies. The menu:

1. Yee sang - purchased. With THREE trays of salmon!
2. 'Poon choy' - purchased. I think this dish will really take off as a take-away option
3. Steamed waxed duck and Chinese sausage
3. Belacan long beans/celery
4. Lotus root and pork ribs soup
5. Salted chicken - contributed by SIL
6. Various munchies and lots of alcohol 

Poon choy from Overseas Restaurant

Yee sang, waxed meats, veg

I plan to do more next year. JE and SE would be older and easier to handle by then. For now, I'm happy, life is good. :)

Friday, February 8, 2013


Su Ern is going places! She's crawling steadily now. No 'creeping' phase of moving flat on her belly either, she has gone straight to proper belly-off-the floor crawling.

Things to take, places to go

Aha a nice floor mat

I'm having a problem now that she can move. At the moment she loves playing with the floor mats. Which aren't clean at all and will probably remain that way until we get a maid. I pick her up and away from one floor mat, she heads for another. Aiyoyo. SOMEBODY is very happy with her new skills though!

Heh heh heh

Monday, February 4, 2013


Jo Ern loves to 'help' with chores. Of course, chores take longer to complete with her 'help'!  I don't mind though, I do like a little helper. It does give her something to do too. 

Help Papa make soup

Help Mummy pluck veg. Hmm I'm not impressed with THIS plant

One problem though. She complains that her hands are dirty 5 mins into the job. And has to go and wash before resuming. 5 mins later, complain hands are dirty again.