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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Mission accomplished

All done!  Not without difficulties haha.  As expected, there was a lot of stalling, refusals to sit on the chair, refusals to lie the head down on the dentist chair, refusals to open the mouth.  The first tooth actually was handled quite fast.  But then followed 20mins where SE employed all the tricks she could think of.  Our maid Jane and I even tried to hold her down forcefully but a struggling child is very strong.

The previous dentist we went to was occupied so I just asked for an available one (this dental clinic has a rotation on dentists).  This one wasn't as patient... she suggested we come back another time as this was taking too long.  To cut a very long story short, we somehow got her to lie down again. And in 2 seconds, the second tooth was out.  Basically just grip and pull.  Seriously if SE had cooperated from the start, it would have taken less than 5mins overall.

My muscles are still aching from the attempts to hold her down.  And pocket is out by RM90.  But... mission accomplished.

All done

Friday, July 24, 2020

SE's front teeth

SE's new front teeth have appeared, but the old ones are still around.  They have been shaky for many months without any signs they will be dropping off any time soon.  There is one more milk tooth at the bottom which has been around even longer.  It's unfortunate this is happening for SE as she is extremely scaredy-cat about going to the dentist.  Last year it took 3 visits before her shaky milk teeth were successfully removed.  No doubt it would be a struggle again the next time.

Two old teeth in front, two new teeth behind

I had been telling her for weeks that we need to make an appointment with the dentist, hoping that would spur her to wriggle the teeth herself.  No luck so far.

So coming weekend is planned to be D-day.  Can't wait already as the new teeth may not grow into place well with the old ones still in the way.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Out and about

1u, we're back!  After over 4 months absence due to MCO.  Things mostly seemed to be back to normal except that people now wear masks.   A quick picture of us first up:

Masked marauders up to no good?

JE and SE quickly got into the swing of things and headed for the most important stop... in Toys R Us.

Ahh we are shopping again!

SE had a birthday present to claim.  But this creature is what she took a liking to - it was ugly, very black and cost a whopping RM90 since it was movie merchandise.  Three counts against.  I hid it all over the store but she found it each time haha.  Finally I said let's go elsewhere first and she could think about whether to get that mole (which is what I thought it was).

We went to a few more places.  I ticked them off:  Popular, check.. Tealive, check... Aeon, check.  To which SE added on sadly... Mole, NOT check.

Lunch was decided to be at Morganfield's.  Too bad they didn't have flat chips which was one of the main items I was aiming for.  They seem to have reduced the menu as a few items weren't available either.

Papa has fancy coffee!

Mmmmm dee-licious

A supermarket stop after lunch and then it was crunch time.  To buy that ugly mole or not?  SE requested for photos of it.  And decided not to get it.  She already has lots of soft toys and at the moment most of them are just stuffed into a bag.

Goodbye Mole

So she still has a birthday present to claim for next time.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

New generation

This one is growing up.  She apparently has 1300+ followers on her Tiktok account.  While I still don't quite get what Tiktok is haha. One day when I have the time, I must investigate a little.


Pose some more

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Venturing out

After the first dine-out for the kids at our neighbourhood mamak, it was time for the next step.  This time we went for lunch at a nearby township.  BUT.... kakak was not around, and the kids didn't bring their masks.  Without masks, we couldn't go into the mall so had to be content with an outlet outside.  The kids chose Japanese food as expected.

Ahh good to be out again

Oooh chawan mushi

Actually this outlet wasn't too much to our liking.  The kids didn't like the chawan mushi, hubby found the edamame beans mushy and didn't like the agedashi tofu either.  Too bad as I'd thought the kids would enjoy the first meal out after 4 months.  Still never mind, there will be other outings.

After lunch we headed for ice-cream.  The special was white peach flavour.  This was nice, fragrant and not too sweet. 

Peach flavour... thumbs UP

Headed back home soon after.  These days... no masks means limited places we could go.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Passing the problem

Backdated post.

Thankfully with the progression of MCO, travel beyond 10km and having more than one person in the car is allowed.  We started going to my parents' place mainly because of SE.  I didn't have enough time to help her with her online assignments.  Our maid tried but it was all she could do to make SE sit down to the assignments.  Some of the Chinese ones... well those took me ages as I was depending on online translation and Jane of course couldn't help at all.

The problem with SE's online assignments has now been taken up by my parents.  Any better?  Hmmm.  Came back one night to this...

Don't like Ah Kong!

Don't LIKE!!

My father asked SE to check if she had any outstanding online assignments.  SE kicked up a big fuss.

In her words:  I was happily playing iPad, then Ah Kong asked me to check google classroom.  DON'T LIKE AH KONG!!!


Oh this girl.  Nope, not doing well academically.  Her Chinese is still very bad and it's very difficult teaching her as she gets frustrated and angry very easily.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Dining out resumes

Seems almost like life is starting again!  First time eating out since MCO.  For me, I have gone back to the office for a month now and I have my lunch out.  So figured it's about time the kiddos ventured out into the world.  They aren't actually raring to go like some others.  In fact they're pretty used to staying at home (and very much hoping school wouldn't start anytime soon!).  For this breakfast, they were actually hoping I would go out and pack the food back for them as I'd been doing during MCO.  Hehe.... no such luck.

We had to get up early today
(I woke them after 830pm, so it wasn't early!)

Oh need to write name?


Everything is yummy!

Food freshly prepared and eaten hot tastes better than re-heated food for sure!  That's all we did out for the day.  Taking it one step at a time to be safe.